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Harrisons and LG - Number One under the Sun

Harrisons Solar are proud to be awarded LG Distributor (NZ) of the Year 2019.

Why we teamed up with LG?

LG has earned genuine trust within the high-tech industry, winning inter solar awards, year after year, after year. They’ve been developing and researching solar products for over 30 years, making them world leaders in solar panel manufacturing.

So, when Harrisons can offer solar customers with a 25-year warranty it was a no-brainer to join forces with LG. Here are just a few of the standout features LG panels have:

  1. 25-year warranty parts and labour warranty which includes the cost of shipping panels for the NeON® 2 and NeON® R, as well as the labour cost of uninstalling and re-installing the panel. This warranty is 15 years longer than industry standards.
  2. Cell technology lowers electrical resistance and increases panel efficiency (more power per panel).
  3. Enhanced low light performance
  4. High-temperature performance
  5. Product performance is double that of International Quality Solar Standards
  6. Corrosion-resistant certification
  7. High wind-load resistant
You can delve deeper into LG product specifications here.

High quality panels offer a better financial return over time

The majority of customers purchase solar to reduce their electricity bills, right? With LG there’s peace of mind that year after year the system generates what you’ve paid for. Also, from an environmental perspective, cheap, shorter-lasting solar systems do not generate as much electricity as high-quality durable panels and inverters. So, when you see solar panels that cost less, you can be sure it’s with good reason.

And as LG New Zealand’s Distributor of the Year (2019) we think it’s encouraging to see home and business owners recognise high-performing solar products, not only as a solid investment in their future but an investment in the planet as well.

Ready when you are

Harrisons Solar has a network of LG installer energy experts throughout New Zealand. This means wherever you are, an LG installer is only a phone call away: 0800 00 33 54.

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