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How Solar Power is Changing Business

If you’re a business owner, it’s always about the bottom line. That’s the reality.

So, if there was a way to cut business costs from day one, raise your company profile and help lighten your carbon footprint, you would say that sounds like a no-brainer, right? That’s because solar power makes good business sense.

With rising power prices combined with an unceasing fall in the cost of buying solar systems, solar has become a cost-effective energy alternative for New Zealanders. And the more we learn about solar, the more sophisticated panels become. Manufacturers such as Tesla, LG and Panasonic stand confidentially by their 25 year guarantees. Solar panels are one of those products where you really do ‘get what you pay for’. The longer they last, the more free power you’ll be generating.

According to business website TheBalance, over 100 of Fortune’s Top 500 businesses are seeing significant results for their solar investment. We’re talking retail giants such as Walmart, Target, Apple and IKEA to name just a few.

Always looking for ways to cut costs, New Zealand schools are getting on board too, like Gladstone Primary School in Auckland. Not only are solar panels taking the heat off their power bills, but it’s also giving teachers a chance to educate pupils about the benefits of solar and living responsibly.

Marjan Van Aubel is a solar designer. What does that mean? Well, Marjan wants to make the most of the surfaces by designing them so they produce solar power while still making sure they are aesthetically pleasing. “My aim is to make all surfaces productive. I want to build houses where all the windows, curtains, walls, even floors are harvesting electricity”, say Van Aubel.

According to the book ‘The Solar Revolution’ within one hour, there is enough sunlight to provide the world with enough electricity for an entire year. Just an hour. This is why Marjan wants us to think big – making items beautiful, but useful and sustainable too.

Using renewable energy can also go a long way to raising the company brand too. Buyers are making more informed choices than ever before so when companies show they care about the environment, it installs trust with that brand.

Just imagine the areas where you could grow your business if that money wasn’t paying for hefty power bills? More staff, new software, insulation or a hard-working marketing budget?

Harrisons Solar offer competitive, flexible options for business owners so you can escape those inevitable electricity price hikes. Future-proof your business with solar.

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