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Meet Our Solar Experts: Dan Brebner Finds Solutions for A Variety of Challenges

Harrisons Solar customers approach us to install solar for all sorts of reasons, so we thought we’d sound out some of our franchisees around the country for examples of what Kiwis demand from their solar system and how Harrisons experts are able to fulfill those households’ expectations.

As a Harrisons Solar franchisee in the Auckland region, Dan Brebner has a wide variety of clientele from the city and suburbs, out to more remote areas, across new-build homes, retro-fitting existing homes and rental properties.

In general, Dan’s customers understand the lifestyle changes required to fully utilise solar power so he can help them make serious dents in their monthly power bills – but there are always individual requirements he has to find solutions for.

For example, Pauline and Peter from the North Shore approached Dan after rising power bills started to get out of hand and they decided to install a solar system. The resulting set-up of 18 x LG 300 watt panels and a 5 kilowatt Austrian made Fronius inverter was perfect for their requirements but there was still the matter of how the 18 panels would affect the overall look of the their home.

After consultation, the decision was made to lie the panels flat to minimise the visual aspect from the road and the top floor.

Matthew and Shannon had always wanted solar so when they moved out to their new house in Huapai they knew the time was right – what they needed was simply the most effective way to generate power as well as safeguard their investment for the lifetime of their new home.

With a large, nearly north-facing roof they decide on 19 x Jinko 275 watt solar panels and a 5 kilowatt Solar Edge inverter with added power optimisers on the back of each panel.

Not only do optimisers increase the performance of each panel, the Solar Edge inverter is future proofed to add batteries in the future.

For more information on how a Harrisons Solar expert can find the right solution for your household’s solar energy needs – no matter what you require – contact Harrisons Solar to book a consultation or visit the website to find your nearest Harrisons Solar expert.

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