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Solar batteries give homeowners control and independence

There is still a wide misconception solar panels need heat to make energy. When in fact, solar panels need light – not heat. Yes, panels make less energy in the winter, simply because the days are shorter, but even on the shortest days, solar panels generate all, or most of the power you’ll need to wash your dishes and clothes, use the dryer, lights, heat pump and appliances.

So, it comes as no surprise that homeowners often ask “if solar panels generate lots of energy, why would I need a solar battery?”

Here’s why

Solar panels do an amazing job. However, to make the most of panels you need to use the power when the panels are producing most of it – and that’s during the day. If you work from home or are a stay-at-home parent that’s great because you can utilise the major appliances (washing, drying, cooking etc) during daylight hours.

Solar batteries on the other hand, give homeowners the freedom to use the power from the panels anytime.

There is nothing lovelier than coming home on a cold night, opening the front door to the smell of the slow cooker and the warmth from the heat pump that went on an hour before you arrived. Your home is warm and inviting thanks to those clever panels on your roof and the clever battery that stored all the power you’ll need for the evening.

But we don’t use that much power


How about those personal computers, dryer, televisions, heat pump, air conditioning, charging an electric car, using the oven, stovetop, toaster and kettle, bedroom lights, security lights, WIFI, the fridge, charging phones, the microwave, those bedside lamps and the hot water needed for showers and the bath.

And when are a lot of these items being used? That’s right – when daylight is done.

Caution – solar batteries may bring out the geek in you

Both Tesla and sonnenBatterie apps manage and control your energy consumption and productions. Just download onto your smartphone or tablet to monitor, analyse and control the supply and demand of your household - anytime, anywhere.

We all love a bit gadgetry.

Can I afford it?

As consumers we think nothing of purchasing a new phone, LCD TV or a car which devalues once it’s out of the driveway. So why not invest in clean energy which gives your home and your wallet long-term benefits? Question is – can you afford not to have one?

Check out Harrisons battery special with no up-front payments and 5 years to pay. They give you the power to use your energy when and how you want to. But best of all it’s a smart way to cut your reliance with power companies.

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