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The Sonnen Battery – there’s a lot to like!

Cheap, clean and reliable energy is the biggest challenge of our time. The solution: an energy source which is naturally available to us all year round.

Sonnen, manufacturer of the “sonnenBatterie” is shaking up the globe with its long list of awards, over 50,000 installations and intelligent energy software. Harrisons are excited to bring German made Sonnen batteries to New Zealand homes and businesses as a steadfast solution to rising power prices.

How has this battery technology taken the world by storm? Let’s just say, if Sonnen played test cricket it would be the perfect all-rounder.

It’s reliable

Sonnen only uses lithium iron phosphate batteries – the safest lithium battery technology available. As a complete system (inverter, intelligent energy manager, measurement technology and software) every element works seamlessly with the next.

Built with German technology, these batteries are guaranteed to last for a minimum 10,000 charge cycles. Rest assured this is a conservative prediction and is highly likely to last longer. The Sonnen brand fulfils the highest German safety and quality demands - protecting you, your loved ones, and your investment in the long run.

Its affordable

Right now, Harrisons customers pay nothing upfront, plus, 3 years interest free on solar panels and batteries! It’s just another way we can make clean sustainable energy more affordable for all New Zealanders.

It’s expandable

Storage sizes range from 2kWh to 16kWh – making it ideal for a variety of homes. So, if you find that over time your household grows, the capacity of the battery can be expanded in blocks of 2kWh to adapt to your lifestyle.

It’s won a lot of awards (and these are just a few)

·Industrie Preis - Best of German Industry Award 2016

·Red Dot Award - Product Design 2018

·EuPD Research - Top Brand PV Storage in Australia 2019


·German Cleantech Institute - Top Power Storage 2017

·Global Cleantech 100 - Continued Excellence Award 2017

·Global Cleantech 100 - Company of the Year (for Europe and Israel) 2016

It’s convenient

Electricity consumption typically peaks in the early morning and in the evening (when most people are home), dropping off in the middle of the day. But because the highest production happens in the middle of day, the battery stores the excess power when it isn’t being used and provides energy when it’s needed, like heating your home on a cold night.

Remember, if you require more energy overnight, you are still on-grid, so you are never without.

Find out if a Sonnen battery is right for you – call Harrisons now on 0800 00 33 54 for a free at-home solar assessment.

It’s time to take control of those power bills!

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