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The Three Things to Consider When Preparing Home Renovations for Winter

As the winter months start to take effect in New Zealand, most renovators and home DIYers turn to what they can accomplish indoors to create a warm and healthy living environment.

Nothing hones attention to what needs fixing around the house more than feeling those cold draughts first thing in the morning or opening that first power bill after you’ve had the heating on full-blast for a month. So now’s the time to focus on finding the right project to safeguard your home from the winter chills and your back pocket from the shock of high electricity usage.

The key work around the home includes:


Although Enviro Blanket has the double effectiveness of keeping your home cool in summer and warm in winter, the consequence of making sure your house doesn’t lose heat through walls and ceilings is most noticeable during the colder months. The first steps to ensuring you have the right level of insulation are:

  • Check the insulation in your roof hasn’t sagged or collapsed and fits snugly around all joists and framing. Old, sub-par insulation could be costing you money in terms of lost heat while any gaps mean your insulation simply isn’t doing its job.
  • Check your ceiling insulation is at least 120mm thick – any less and you might consider a top-up blanket.
  • Check all external walls are up to spec. Older homes might not have the required level of insulation, if any. It can be difficult to check for wall insulation as it involves removing panels or plasterboard – but if you are thinking about any renovations, it might pay to take a look.
  • Check whether you are eligible for funding or loans to upgrade your insulation. You might even be able to put the cost on to your rates or mortgage.

Spending a small amount on insulation will mean you save on heating and air conditioning through the different seasons.


Once you’ve sealed your home ready for winter with good quality insulation, now’s the time to look at controlling the air your family breathes. Harrisons i-vent system is designed to circulate fresh, healthy air through the home and reduces dampness and condensation – a major factor through New Zealand especially in the colder months and a cause of poor health.

A good ventilation system offers:

  • Protection from moisture in “wet” rooms such as laundries, kitchens and bathrooms putting added pressure on dry, healthy homes.
  • Protection from condensation and “weeping windows” that create damp living areas and can damage sills, paintwork and fabrics around the home.
  • A dry, well-ventilated building or room that is easier and more cost-effective to heat. And all through a system that’s cheaper to run than a 100-watt light bulb.
  • Filtered air free of allergens such as mould spores and dust mites that can cause hayfever and trigger asthma.

Heat pumps

A sealed, insulated, dry and well-ventilated home will always be a warmer home but the winter months in New Zealand also require additional heating – the question for anyone making alterations or hoping to add value to their home is which form of heating to choose. Harrisons has partnered with Fujitsu and Haier because we believe their heat pumps deliver the best value, most energy-efficient heating. The key benefits are:

  • Heat Pumps work year-round to ensure your home has a perfect ambient temperature regardless of what the weather is like outside.
  • While gas or open fires have safety issues, ceiling fans can be noisy and intrusive and central heating is expensive, heat pumps offer safe, low-energy heating that is quiet and can be controlled by smart technology.
  • Because heat pumps filter the air circulating you home, they are also good for removing harmful allergens that can cause asthma.

For any Kiwis looking to get their home ready for winter or for those working on indoor renovations during the colder months, choosing the right systems that dovetail to create warm, comfortable and healthy homes is vital. Harrisons has the perfect components to suit any climate, situation or lifestyle – just contact us on 0800 00 33 54 or via the website for a free on-site consultation at a time that suits you.

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