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What is SEANZ and Why it Matters

Harrisons is a member of the Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand, or SEANZ.

SEANZ is an independent organisation and represents all stakeholders from business to end-users of solar, batteries, and home and building energy management systems. Part of SEANZ’s role is to help lead New Zealand’s vision of energy independence by establishing and maintaining the platforms on which the technology, stakeholders, legislation, policy, events, and standards operate.

Using a SEANZ member adds a layer of accountability for consumers. Engaging a non-SEANZ member leaves the consumer at risk with little recourse should things go wrong.

SEANZ work to a strict Code of Conduct. This ensures that Harrisons’ business process and practices are actioned with integrity, giving you, the consumer, some extra peace of mind. Harrisons supply products that comply with International and New Zealand Standards and design and install systems that deliver results according to AUS/NZ 5033 Regulations.

Non-compliance with the SEANZ Code of Conduct will result in SEANZ membership being revoked, so they take it seriously.

It’s now widely accepted that New Zealand needs a resilient energy system that provides energy independence, energy democracy, and protection of our natural environment and resources for future generations. To achieve that, we’re going to need to be using 100% renewable energy by 2030 plus a transport fleet that’s 35% electric.

And at Harrisons we ensure we supply the best technology solution for your specific circumstances, be it solar, battery storage, home energy management systems, EV charging, or any other on-site energy requirement.

Because every site and situation are different, Harrisons will visit you to understand the needs and specifics of your home or business. Harrisons solar installers are qualified to help you scope, construct and deliver the best possible outcomes.

At Harrisons, we really care about the quality of our products and service, and about giving our customers only the very best. That’s one of the reasons we’re a member of SEANZ.

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