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Your roof's solar potential

1 Lewin Road, Epsom, Auckland
Value of solar power generated
Home Solar potential
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Estimated yearly power generated for this property by a standard solar system.

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1 Lewin Road, Epsom, Auckland

There is currently no solar data available for your address.

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Valued asset for your home

A solar system added to your home is an investment. It adds green features to your home and can increase the value of your home to potential buyers who see the benefits of solar. If you are a landlord, a solar system can make your property a lot more attractive to prospective tenants who will see the opportunity to reduce their energy bills.

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Sir Michael Jones


"After researching solar we like the LG Panels and the whole science behind it". " We were able to have peace of mind that we were buying quality but at a really cost effective price... Every day we are saving"

Guillaume and Esther Thomas


Good product and efficient communication. There was a significant delay in the installation, although it was clearly explained (due to the global maritime transport delays) and no extra cost were involved. There is a lot of information to take on when you install a solar system, so best to do a deep research beforehand to get the right options and the adequate return on investment. With the delay, we had forgotten a good amount of the original information and discussions we had about the project, but the contractors were very qualified and delivered good information as the panels and inverters went on. Very excited to produce electricity from our roof!

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