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Why Solar Power Is a No-brainer for Kiwi Businesses

Most businesses, schools and organisations’ operating hours dovetail perfectly with the ability to harvest free, renewable energy from the sun. And what business wouldn’t enjoy the effect of reduced power bills to their bottom line?

  • Control your power costs with predictable, long-term energy rates.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of knowing your business is making savings from the moment you switch your system on.
  • Trust your system’s ongoing reliability with the full visibility offered by cloud-based monitoring, fault detection and automatic alerts.
  • Reap instant rewards in the knowledge you’re also making a smart, future-proof business investment.

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Real Stories

Gladstone Primary School, Mt Albert

"Very proud to be another step forward in our sustainability journey" and to be "educating our children and creating a huge awareness of what can be done with Solar Power"

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Real Stories

Francine Shields, SPCA Whangarei

‘Anything I can do to reduce the money spent on running the centre such as utilities, I will do it’

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