Your Future Home

Why Household Power Is in Your Hands

Harrisons is helping to harness the latest developments from companies such as LG to complete the circle of renewable solar energy, domestic battery storage, electric vehicles and smart appliances. We believe all Kiwis have the right to clean, affordable power and healthy, energy efficient homes and we’re intent on setting the groundwork for the perfect solar home of the future.

LG's Energy Vision For the Future

Our future home is closer than you may think. LG, innovation for a better life.

Unlimited Power of the Sun

Sunlight striking the earth's surface in just one hour delivers enough energy to power the world ecomony for an entire year.

Smart Technology

Smart appliances make the most of daytime-generated solar power to carry out energy-hungry activities such as heating water.

Solar Power Day and Night

Surplus power is stored in domestic batteries to help smooth high-demand peaks in the evening and morning.

Emerging Technology

Electric vehicles become de-facto batteries when parked at home to also help smooth high-demand peaks and can be charged from batteries or the grid overnight when demand is at its lowest.

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