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Harrisons help Wellington homeowners save on their power bills

Harrisons Solar has partnered with homes.co.nz to help Wellingtonians realise the solar potential of their homes and save money on their power bill. Data is collected from geospatial analysis company, Lynker Analytics, giving an accurate measure the return homeowners can expect from installing solar panels.

For most of us, our biggest financial asset is our home. So, when you’re armed with the knowledge to improve that asset, would you?

Using the data, homeowners can see first-hand whether solar panels are a ‘good fit’ for their property.

Your house has already been analysed and you can view the power savings

Matt Lythe, from Lynker Analytics, says “we have used detailed digital models generated from Lidar data to create a heat map of solar potential for every roof in the city. Our models consider the size, angle and orientation of the roof as well as shadows from nearby trees, buildings and hills. The heat maps allow you to understand the best place to install solar panels and how you compare to your neighbours. The solar estimate is based on the annual value a standard 3 kW system could generate using the average retail power price.”

Adding solar adds value to your home

Homes that offer a sustainable future (ie: solar panels, energy efficient appliances and fittings, insulation and ventilation installed) can add considerable interest when selling your home. Buyers can see thought has gone into how your home functions. And more interest from potential buyers typically equals more bidders, equals a great sale price.

The same applies if you are a landlord. A solar system can make your property a lot more attractive to prospective tenants. What tenant doesn’t want to reduce their power bill?

This data service is currently available in Wellington only and will be rolled out to the rest of the country over the coming months. Keep an eye out!

Where to view your data:

Go to the homes.co.nz homepage and see Harrisons current special on LG and Panasonic solar panels for you home, business or rental.

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