Solar Power Systems Cost

Go Green with Solar Panels: There has never been a better time to embrace clean energy!

Panels are at their most powerful and most affordable, while electricity from the big power companies is rising more than ever and becoming less reliable.

Lower Power User


Under $10,000

Retired/at home
Starter & expand later

Average Power User


$10,000 - $15,000

Small Family
Major appliances
Able to Divert Power Usage to Daytime

High Power User



Large Family
Multiple Appliances (spa/pool)
Lifestyle Block/Small Business
Decorative Curve

Example of how much you can save

This example below uses a typical family home that has a $190 power bill in a month

Solar Savings Graphic

They have installed a 3.2kW Harrisons Solar Power System that has 8 premium Qcells long-lasting and high power solar panels with a top-quality Fronius inverter.
Their power bill has been slashed monthly - even more, as retail power prices continue to rise, they are saving $46,587 over the 25+ year performance life of the system.
This system is also equivalent to 97 trees planted or 47,701km of car travel avoided. For details and assumptions click here.

How much can you generate?

What affects your solar system cost?

If your household has a high energy consumption (big house, pool, spa etc) you will need a larger system with more solar panels to meet your needs. Conversely, if your energy usage is lower, a smaller system will be enough.
The quality and performance of solar panels, inverters and home batteries play a significant role in determining the overall cost of a solar system. Invest in higher quality panels with superior efficiency rates, known brand name and a credible warranty - they can generate more electricity over their lifetime and provide a greater return on investment + piece of mind with NZ supported warranties.
Different roof types or site requirements may impact the cost of a solar system, this could be things like extra wiring, scaffolding, ground-mounted panels, specialized mounting structures or if you have a roof with limited space or unusual angles - but don't worry, we've seen it all  before and our expert team can help.

Slash your power bill

Install a Solar System, and never pay an expensive electricity bill again.

Forget about power bills

Electricity costs are a large portion of your monthly expenses, especially in winter. With a Harrisons Solar System, you’ll generate free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifespan.

Avoid rising energy costs

Every year, electricity prices continue to increase throughout the country. Invest in solar today, and lock in the price you pay now to avoid rises in power bills.

Increase the value of your home

We teamed up with to analyse thousands of homes installed with Harrisons Solar. On average, Harrisons Solar increased the home’s selling price by 4.4% or $35K.

Sell unused power back to the grid

Get paid up to 18c per unit for your extra solar generation!  Install your solar with Harrisons and switch your power to Mercury on a 24 month term. T&Cs apply.

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How we have helped our customers

Hear from some of our customers on how solar has slashed their power bill.


Frequently Asked

All your Solar questions answered

Will Solar work in NZ?

Absolutely! New Zealand has abundant sunshine and generates between 1,700 and 2,100 sunshine hours annually. Some areas, like Nelson and Gisborne, receive as much as 2,400. Solar Panels don’t require sunshine; they require daylight, so Solar Panels work year-round, even in the lower South Island.

How many Panels do I need?

The average energy consumption is essential in determining the number of Solar Panels you need. A retired couple will have a different power consumption than a young family, plus pools, spas, and electric cars can also impact energy requirements.

The amount of energy Solar Panels can generate depends on sun hours and is therefore affected by your location.

Your roof size is crucial because it determines the number of Panels that can fit on your roof, how much energy will be generated, and the cost.

Check out the most popular Harrisons Residential Solar Systems.

Is Solar right for me?

There are several factors to consider when installing a Solar System in your home. In most scenarios, the benefits of solar power outweigh the drawbacks.


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