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World’s first Tesla Powerwall user pays 50c a day for power

Someone had to be the pioneer, and when it came to using the first Tesla Powerwall in the world, Nick Pfitzner put his hand up!

Four years down the track Nick and family have a monthly power bill that has the sceptics eating their words. Why? Because at less than (Aus) 50c a day, this family enjoy air conditioning, a pool and ample appliances in their four-bedroom home.

Though the family never ‘goes without’, they have become more aware of how to use their Tesla Powerwall to their advantage. Understanding the system with help from the Tesla App means they know when to turn on the dishwasher, the washing machine and the dryer. It’s this modified thinking which has saved them thousands of dollars while living in a comfortable and healthy home.

Since the bushfires, Natural Solar (Australia’s largest solar and battery installers) has seen a dramatic spike in demand for solar and batteries. The fires drove home the effects of greenhouse gas emissions and the major part they play towards record global temperatures. Not just in Australia but worldwide.

Though reduced power bills weren’t the only consideration for Nick and his family it was certainly a welcome part of it. It has allowed them to spend their savings on holidays and other memories, and with power prices moving in only one direction (approx. increase at 10-15% annually) solar’s future's so bright its gotta wear shades!

What would you do with your power savings? How far will solar technology advance in the next ten years?

Nick Pfitzner and his family have done all the work for you, so make the most of it and call Harrisons Solar today on 0800 00 33 54 for your no obligation free at-home energy assessment and see if a Tesla battery is right for your home or business.

Image source: domain.com.au

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