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Why we do it

We Have Created a Unique, Kiwi-owned and Kiwi-run Company

At Harrisons Solar we are dedicated to creating better kiwi homes and putting the power back in the hands of kiwi consumers.

We’ve been family-run since 1962 when Des Harrison first started his home furnishing and furniture company.

Our dedication to helping give all Kiwis warm, healthy, great-looking homes at affordable prices has now grown to a business that includes Harrisons Solar, Harrisons Carpet and Harrisons Curtains & Blinds.

The way we work means you call the shots: we will visit you when you want and tailor a highly efficient, delivering maximum solar production year-round solution.

Put the power of creating a healthy home back in your hands. Book a free in-home solar assessment today.

Discover why so many New Zealanders have built healthier homes with Harrisons.

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