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Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are some answers to some of the common questions we’re being asked about our ventilation systems right now.

How much does an i-vent+ home ventilation system cost?

Each system is tailored to the home so costs will vary. As a rough guide, a straightforward three-bedroom house with a ceiling cavity can be installed from around $2599.

What’s the best time to install home ventilation?

If you install an i-vent system in summer or autumn the whole structure of the house will be dried out before winter dampness gets a grip. This will make it easier to heat your home and keep it moisture-free. However, you can install an i-vent system in the middle of winter and still enjoy the benefits of condensation-free windows and mildew reduction within days.

Can I change the filters on my i-vent+ home ventilation system?

The i-vent+® system includes a high-quality filter that’s available from Harrisons. Filters need to be changed every year. You can change the filter yourself or contact Harrisons and we’ll be happy to do it for a reasonable charge.

My house is damp, what can I do to combat dampness?

Make sure first that the dampness is not caused by leaks brought on by weather-tightness problems (roof, claddings, around windows, doors or deck areas). Also ask us about GVB (Ground Vapour Barrier) options. You’ll want to address any underlying causes of dampness before improving your home environment with ventilation, insulation and heating.

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