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Innovative Solar Battery Storage

LG Chem – RESU10H SEG with SolarEdge inverter

With power bills continuing to rise, homeowners are looking for new and innovative ways to take back control – enter the RESU10H-SEG. LG Chem offers users a high-voltage battery with the ability to power homes throughout peak electricity times when the sun sets. The RESU10H can be charged throughout the day using solar panel generated electricity, enabling appliances to be utilised during the evening when grid prices are often higher. The solution can also be configured to supply backup power to homes during blackouts providing full energy independence.

The RESU10H-SEG offers 9.8kWh of energy capacity and compatibility with Solar Edge’s StorEdge inverter, a DC coupled solution suitable for both solar panel and battery storage input. The RESU10H-SEG with the StorEdge inverter brings an alternative energy solution to New Zealand promising flexibility, quality and affordability.

Compact Size & Light Weight

Don’t be fooled by its compact design, the RESU10H records an increased energy density, offering homeowners a steady flow of self-consumption and backup power ability. It’s light-weight and slim design (W:74cm x H:90cm x D:20cm) makes it possible to install in a wide range of locations (indoors or outdoors) and provides fast installation times.

Aesthetic appeal

The RESU10H is a battery like no other available on the market, guaranteed to increase any home’s market value with its sleek and streamlined design. It seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, adding aesthetic appeal to areas other systems are too large to fit, such as garages, utility rooms and exterior walls.

Proven performance

The LG Chem range of RESU lithium batteries are specifically designed for energy storage applications and comply to the strictest international lithium standards, the company is a leader in the ESS space and is celebrating 70 years in business. This proven experience and company strength is how LG Chem can support the RESU range with up to 10 year product performance warranties.

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