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Quality and Quantity: LG Raises the Bar for Power and Trustworthiness When It Comes to Solar Panels

LG is making giant strides to produce the perfect solar panels for the New Zealand environment and Kiwi households.

At Harrisons Solar, we have always been happy to list the many reasons why we think LG’s panels are among the best in the market, but we believe their recent improvements genuinely place them ahead of the pack.

The main reason for this is their decision to extend their product warranty to 25 years – a significant step up that is a real game-changer among solar panel manufacturers.

Phil Harrison, the Managing Director of Harrisons Solar, says panel warranties can be the subject of much confusion among households interested in installing domestic solar generating systems in New Zealand.

“The issue until now has been that even the most basic, cheaply made panels would carry with them, a 25-year production warranty – but that simply isn’t guaranteeing the life of the product,” Phil says.

“That 25-year production warranty states that, after 25 years, the panel will still be producing a specified percentage of the power it did when it was brand new. For example, if you have a 250W panel, a production warranty might say that after 25 years it will be able to produce 82% of the power it did when it was first manufactured.

“The problem with that is that the standard product warranty for all panels until now has been 10 years and so 25-year production warranties weren’t really worth the paper they were printed on.

After all, if you have a fault with a panel after 10 years and a day because it’s falling to bits, how are you supposed to claim on its production warranty?”

Phil says LG’s 25-year product warranty makes them the perfect solution for New Zealand’s harsh marine climate.

“LG is the only company so far who have said its panels are so good that it’s going to put a product warranty on them to match their production warranty – and that’s because the company is so confident in the build quality that it’s willing to create a warranty that’s 15 years better than any other panel,” he says.

“That’s a real statement. Our climate in New Zealand is pretty harsh and these panels have to put up with a lot up on top of roofs: exposed to our extremes of temperature and the high-salt content of the environment near the sea.”

Over the past year, LG has also improved the output power of its panels as more and more households look to maximise the production capacity of their roof-space.

The company has just released a 365W panel into the market and Harrisons is already stocking a 335W model – up from the same sized panel which last year was capable of producing 285W.

Phil says this improvement in efficiency and power is important as more Kiwis look to install larger systems so they’re future-proofed against the potential loads required for smart homes, battery storage and electric vehicles.

“There’s certainly more of a demand for higher wattage panels because people are realising that the area of their roof is only so big and they need to maximise its potential for generating power,” he says.

“The 335W LG panels are a good example of the much gruntier panels that people are looking to install these days to ensure they won’t run out of roof-space. They are also symbolic of the trend towards more powerful panels and show that LG is, again, leading the way. You can be certain that the trend now is to see more and more powerful panels entering the market – and for people wanting or needing more wattage for your money, they are the ideal solution.”

A Harrisons Solar expert will be able to make sure you choose the right size panels not only for your household’s immediate needs but also to future-proof your solar system. Contact Harrisons Solar to book a consultation with one of our experts or visit the website to find your nearest Harrisons Solar expert and we’ll guide you through the process.

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