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How much will it cost?

Better technology means costs have come down significantly and payback period now significantly shorter (typically 7-9 years).

Choose long lasting quality equipment

The majority of customers purchase solar to reduce their electricity bills. Investing in quality solar panels, inverters and equipment has a much better long term financial return, and less risk of anything going wrong that would cause replacement costs or worse damage to your home.

For example, LG Solar panels have a 25 year product warranty and 25 year performance warranty - it provides around double the warranted power generation compared to many alternative brands. So with LG there is peace of mind that year after year the system generates what you’ve paid for.

Now you can get paid 16c per unit for your extra solar generation

Install your solar with Harrisons and switch your power to Trustpower on a 24 month term, Trustpower will buy back your extra solar generation at 16c per unit (excluding gst).

That’s is up to double the rate of any other power retailer with a fixed purchase rate (based on the published fixed retail buy back rates available to NZ consumers as at July 2020). The 16c per unit buy back rate applies up to a maximum of 500 units per month and is guaranteed for the life of the 24 month contract.

We’ll also install an export meter, required to export your extra solar power to the grid, for free

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