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Can solar actually save you money?


Solar energy systems are rapidly gaining popularity in New Zealand, and for great reason. Home solar reduces your carbon footprint, makes your household more energy independent and helps you reduce your utility bills in the long run.

If you’re considering solar for your home, you’ll be wanting to know exactly how this investment will benefit you financially. Here, our expert team shares the latest insights on the direct impact of solar power on your pocket in New Zealand.

What’s the payback period for solar?

Solar installations have become progressively cheaper, because solar panel technology has become more powerful. The cost of installing a system that matches your home’s current energy needs is now equivalent to 7-9 years of electricity bills. After this, you’ll essentially be using ‘free’ power!

Explore examples of how much you could save on electricity bills annually with solar here. New Zealand household energy bills have steadily increased by 3% per year in recent years, and are set to double by 2028, whereas the price of a solar energy system will likely decrease. So, these statistics will only continue to improve in favour of home solar!

Solar increases the value of your home!

Another win for your wallet: your home solar system could significantly increase the resale value of your home. Harrisons teamed up with who studied 2000 Kiwi homes that had a quality Harrisons Solar system, it found that the houses with Harrisons Solar increased 4.4% or $35,000 on average compared to other similar houses in the area.

Get paid for your extra solar generation

Let’s say you generate more solar power than you consume. You can export this excess energy back to the grid, which can create an additional small income stream. Harrisons Solar customers also have the added benefit of exclusive access to the highest buy-back rate of 18c per unit, so your solar investment goes further with us.

Further financial benefits

Maximising your financial wins from home solar

Here are a few tips on getting the best return on investment from your solar energy system.

  • Bigger isn’t alway better; choosing the correct system capacity for your energy needs will ensure you receive the best returns.
  • Try to use more energy when the sun is shining. You will get maximum output from your panels on electricity you use immediately.
  • Use technology to manage your energy usage. There are several apps that will help you track your energy usage spikes and remotely turn off lights and appliances when you are out of the house.
  • Keep your panels well maintained. Ensuring your solar panels are clear of debris and getting a professional to check them every few years will help you increase the lifespan of your investment.
  • Consider battery storage. Solar batteries ensure that the power your panels generate isn't wasted if you're not home to use it immediately, and give you complete energy independence 24/7. Check out our high-quality battery offerings: the Tesla Powerwall and the Q.Home Core Battery.

Now is the time to maximise your solar savings - take advantage of our Hot Solar Deals!

On top of our usual price promise, we’re offering more opportunities to save on solar.

See our specials page for all details, and T&Cs.

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