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Eco Gift Ideas For Christmas 2021!


Consider this year choosing a gift with meaning. We have broken down options to make it easier for you. All of these unique and personal gifts are great options for a Christmas gift this year and know you are doing your part to make the world a better place this Christmas.

Donate to a charity on their behalf

The Good Registry is a unique gifting site. Buy a gift card and once redeemed they can choose a cause to donate to. Making this not only a personal gift but one that you know you are making a difference by getting. Plus a complete hassle-free gift giving! - which we all love.

Did you know:

With every purchase of Harrisons Solar LG Solar Panels and Tesla Powerwall, Harrisons Curtains from our Urban range and Harrisons Carpet pink carpet underlay a donation is made to the Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand. Know you are giving back to the community when you choose Harrisons.

Gift a native plant

Trees that count are an incredible organisation that has planted over 40,000,000 native NZ trees. When you buy a native tree, they will plant it on your behalf. This is not only great for the environment but also give our native birds the perfect environment to flourish.

Solar Panels

Good for the planet - Good for your wallet. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Solar power creates the cheapest and electricity. Ever. While also being a clean energy source.

At Harrisons Solar, we supply superior Solar Panels with longstanding warranties, offer immediate savings while having an eco-consciousness. Harrisons Solar works with leading brands such as LG and Tesla, who are both dedicated to making the highest-quality products with sustainability in mind. LG electronics have won sustainability awards, time after time. LG were placed 6th on the list from WSJ 'World's 10 Most Sustainably Managed Companies'.

Little Koha - Gift box

Build your own Little Koha box, filled with sustainable treats and homewares. Completely customisable to what your loved one would like, or choose from their ready-made box sets!

Harrisons gift voucher

Give the gift of Solar power or home improvement this year! Available online now, handwritten and couriered to you. These new gift vouchers can be used right across all of the Harrisons brands, including the online shop. Sort Christmas early with a one stop shop!

Shop local

Purchasing close to home is packed with benefits. Yes, you're supporting the local economy and reducing your carbon footprint but there is also a feel-good factor about it too. Which shops being closed for a good stint, there is no better time than now to support your local shops and business owners.

Hoodies - with a purpose

Humble, it's all in the name. when purchasing from the humble store you are helping a local NZ company support kids in need. For every hoodie purchased, another is given to an NZ kid who needs it most. Living in damp cold housing is unfortunately an all too real reality for a vast amount of NZ kids. "Ultimately, we want to inspire just a single person to actively seek opportunities to brighten the world, bring a little joy.". Know you are doing your bit when purchasing.

Forest & Bird

Forest & Bird is an NZ independent conservation charity. Their goal is to protect and restore NZ's wildlife. Through their online shop, you are able to choose from a range of gifts. Each purchase helps to raise vital funds that will be used to defend all of our native species!

Santa's Hampers - Gift Back to the Community

"Our wish is to ensure that Kiwi families can have Christmas this year."

Santas Helpers have put together a page where you can give back to the community and know another NZ family will be able to have Christmas this year.

Whatever gifts you choose this year consider the products, the back story and we'll all have a healthier, greener tomorrow.

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