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EV Charging At Home: Why You Need A Charger


Electric vehicle (EV) sales in New Zealand are soaring, meaning more and more kiwis are demanding easy-to-use and cost-effective ways of charging their cars at home.

Of course, you can always use a standard 3-pin wall charging cable that your dealer gave you with the car. But if you are looking for a cheaper and faster way to charge your car, you need a smart EV charger.

You can get an EV charger with or without a Solar System, but you will save even more money if you pair it with a Solar System.

Fast charge

Smart chargers allow you to charge your electric vehicle a lot faster than with a simple cable. Your three-point plug cord provides you with approximately 100 kilometres worth of power in 10 hours, while smart EV chargers can offer up to 120km charge per hour. This means you don't need to wait an eternity to fully charge your EVs' battery.

Charging speed depends on EV battery capacity and power available.

Saving money on every charge

Modern car battery chargers have an app that allows you to schedule the whole process in the off-peak late-night or early morning hours so you can take advantage of the reduced electricity cost.

If you already have a Solar System, you can set up charging during the afternoon when Panels produce the most, so all the power you use in the EV is basically FREE!

Save while you charge and make optimum use of your Solar System so that it pays for itself faster.

Safe charge

Smart EV charging devices have embedded protection against over-voltage and over-temperature. Phase and voltage testing of the input voltage prevents damage to the charging unit of the electric car if a phase is missing. They also adjust the charging in real time to avoid overloading your home's power supply. This means you can use other power-hungry appliances while safely maximising charging speed.


Having a charger at home means you can charge your EV whenever you need to, without having to plan your trips around public charging stations. This can be especially useful for those who own an EV as their primary vehicle.

Increased Home Value

Having an EV charger installed at your home can also increase its value. As more and more people are becoming interested in EVs, having a charger already installed can make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Need an EV Charger?

Have you bought an EV and want to charge it faster at home? Or need to get charging points at your commercial premises, apartment complex or community facility? We've got you covered!

Harrisons Solar works only with the best brands: Fronius Wattpilot and zappi, to charge your electric vehicle faster and safer while slashing your power bill!

Contact the helpful team at Harrisons Solar. Finding efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions to fit all New Zealanders is core to us – not only in our products and services but also in the way we operate. We work hard with global partners and the New Zealand energy industry to offer the most recent technology. Get the perfect EV charging solution today!

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