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Harrisons Energy Backs A Plan To Solarise New Zealand


Harrisons Energy Solutions is standing firmly alongside Greenpeace's call to start a Solar revolution in New Zealand.

The organisation's petition to Energy Minister, Megan Woods to end oil and gas subsidies and use that $88 million per year to put Solar Panels and batteries on 500,000 homes by 2030, is precisely the type of enterprising campaign that we at Harrisons believe can really put the power back in the hands of the consumer.

Greenpeace believes that by installing Solar Panels and batteries on half a million homes over the next decade, “we can really start to meet the challenge of the climate change crisis, increase the resilience of our power grid, and give affordable power back to the people”.

“Powering our homes, transport and economy with clean energy and make oil history” fits perfectly with Harrisons' philosophy to see Kiwi families living in healthy, sustainable homes and ensuring those homes are habitable to specific high standards.

General Manager, Phil Harrison says the decision to move into Solar energy was a natural progression in the company's 50-year history after focusing for so many years on creating healthy homes via heating, ventilation and insulation.

“It was the logical next step to make those homes more energy efficient,” he says. “Domestic Solar Systems were coming and so we knew we could, a) do a good thing for the environment, and b) give everyday people some choice over generating their own power.”

Phil says Greenpeace's call for Panels and battery storage to 500,000 homes also shows how the national conversation about domestic Solar Systems has moved beyond the “early adopter” model of those willing to investigate a new, progressive System, to the mainstream.

This is also reflected in schemes such as Hawke's Bay Regional Council's “Heatsmart” programme which allows homeowners and landlords install Solar Systems and pay for them via their rates bills over up to 10 years.

“When we first got into Solar, it was very much a small industry so we had to put up our hand to promote it. Some people had the preconceptions that it was expensive and complicated, but we were able to show Solar's benefits both to the environment and to their lives.

“We have since supported anything that we feel is good for Solar in New Zealand – and, certainly, Greenpeace's plan to Solarise New Zealand falls into that category.”

For more information on how Solar power and battery storage can revolutionise your home and lifestyle, and to see how Harrisons can help you choose the right size System for your household, contact Harrisons Energy to book a consultation with one of our experts or visit the website to find your nearest Harrisons Energy expert and we'll guide you through the process.

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