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Harrisons Help Northland Homeowners On Fair Go


In July of this year, Fair Go talked to two Northland couples who were keen to find Mr Farmer, Director of The Solar Company (no longer trading).

Long story short, he charged them a deposit for a Solar System in 2019, didn't install any Solar Panels and left customers across the upper North Island out of pocket before skipping the country to enjoy an extended holiday. To date, customers are without answers and he can only be found via his Instagram photos relaxing by a pool.

At Harrisons Solar, we believe Solar costs should mirror the quality of a Solar product, not to pay for a dodgy businessman's tropical holiday.

Everyone wants a fair go

Harrisons Solar Managing Director, Phil Harrison, saw the Fair Go episode and began putting the wheels in motion to put things right. Harrisons Northland energy expert, Shanon Robertson met with one the homeowners, Rose Lightfoot, to hear her story and ensure her they would have a Solar System installed once and for all.

Finally, Rose was getting some answers.

Meeting Rose

To add insult to injury, the Solar set up Rose and husband, Jonathan, was sold by Mr Farmer and The Solar Company, was inadequate and would underperform.

So, Shanon accessed their power usage and recommended a System that not only worked for them but was cheaper than the initial System!

The Panels were installed within a month of meeting Rose, and finally, they could enjoy the benefits of Solar and monitor their savings via the Solar app from Day 1. See the installation on Fair Go via the TVNZ website.

What to watch out for

We don't like people being ripped off so please remember these tips when shopping around for a Solar provider you can trust:

1.Make sure you employ the services of a SEANZ (Sustainable Energy Association New Zealand) approved Solar installation, like Harrisons Solar.

2.Read Solar customer reviews.

3.Check the length of product warranties eg: LG Panels come with a 25-year warranty.

4.Always choose a reputable Solar brand backed by extensive research and technology.

5.Does the company have a price guarantee?

By doing your homework now, it can save you a lot of time, money and frustration in the long run. Harrisons have helped thousands of kiwis go Solar over the years and firmly stand by the brands we work with. Call us on 0800 00 33 54 for a no-obligation quote for your home or business.

Just think - with the savings you can make from a Solar System installed by us, you could be enjoying a tropical holiday too. But watch out for Mr Farmer!

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