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Insider guide: How to get solar for cheap in Winter 2024


This winter, power bills are peaking at unprecedented levels and power cuts are becoming a regular occurrence.

With an unstable grid supply and literal pylons falling over (can’t make this stuff up!): food is spoiling in fridges, Kiwi’s are living in the dark and businesses can’t open their doors

Coupled with the rising costs of living, going Solar in this Winter is a no-brainer, and we’ve got best tips and tricks on how to go solar, and reap the power bill saving rewards… read on for more:

Part 1: How much is a solar system and how can I afford one?

      1. Harrisons Solar has slashed its prices with some hot deals:

Well, right now all sized solar systems are on sale at Harrisons Solar, click here to see the details, but basically you can go solar today from $9995 for a quality 10 panel solar system that is fully installed (single story, metro home, T&Cs apply). There are 3 sized systems on special right now to suit most homes + you can add a home battery like a Tesla Powerwall to keep your home running 24/7 in a power cut.

      2. Solar has never been so affordable:

In this article, we talked about the price of solar panels decreasing by more than 80% over the past 20 years - this is due to increased demand, increased supply, cheaper components and reduced production costs. But mainly the wattage/power producing rate on the panels is up at its highest level it has ever been! Our top of the line AIKO solar panels are the world’s most efficient and powerful all black solar panels, weighing in at 455 watts, compare this panels of only 250 watts only a few years ago.

      3. If you are with ASB, Westpac, ANZ, BNZ or Kiwibank - they will fund your solar system for you:

That’s right, click here to see the details, but you can get up to $80k from as low as 0% interest for as long as 5 years from one of these major banks - we can help you through the process. These banks have really stepped up in the sustainability area and these loans have been a game changer for Kiwi’s wanting to go solar.

With a price of a Harrisons Solar system at $9995 over a 5 year period, it works out to only cost you around the price of a coffee per day to have solar on your roof - but…. that’s only half of the equation, the other half is how much it slashes your power bill, we'll talk about that in Part 2.

Westpac Warm Up Loan

Existing or new home loan customers can borrow up to $50,000 interest-free for 5 years to help to buy Solar Power Systems and Batteries for storing power from Solar.

Learn more here

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

Homeowners can get an extra $80,000 for Solar at a low 1% rate for 3 years.

Learn more here

Kiwibank Sustainable Energy Loan

If you want to turn over a new green leaf, you can top up your home loan to install an eligible sustainable energy system and Kiwibank kick in some cash to help you pay it off faster.

Learn more here

ASB Better Homes Top Up

Top up your ASB Home Loan, up to $80,000, to fund your Solar System and slash your power bill.

Learn more here

BNZ Green Home Loan top-up

You could borrow up to $80,000 at a 1% for 3 years fixed rate to pay for solar panels, batteries, and inverters (including related costs for planning and installation).

Learn more here

Individual banks lending criteria, terms and exclusions apply to all sustainable home loans.

      4. By the way, if you aren’t with one of those major banks, Harrisons Solar have some hot financing options which are also interest free to you:

Q Mastercard & Q Card

Apply for a new Q Mastercard or Q Card or use your existing card to slash your power bill. 3 years interest free!

Learn more here

Gem Visa

Apply for a new GEM Visa or use your existing card or get a GEM Personal Loan with Harrisons.

Learn more here

Lending criteria, terms and exclusions apply.

The Harrisons team is here to help you through the process with all of these finance options! We make it simple and support you all the way through.

Part 2: How much $$ could you save by having solar?

Firstly, every home and roof is different, we’ve got a solar savings calculator here which will give you an idea, but… it’s best you book a time to chat with us and we can check your roof, and your power bill and work on the numbers specifically for you.

However, as a rough guide, 1000’s of Harrisons Solar customers are out there right now slashing 20%, 50%, 70%, 100% off their power bills by going solar, and with our exclusive Mercury buy back rate, customers are even getting a credit on their power bill and making money!

Here is an example below that uses a typical family home that has a $190 power bill in a month:

They have installed a Harrisons Solar Power System that has 8 premium Qcells long-lasting and high power solar panels with a top-quality Fronius inverter.

Their power bill has been slashed monthly - even more, as retail power prices continue to rise, they are saving $46,587 over the 25+ year performance life of the system.

This system is also equivalent to 97 trees planted or 47,701km of car travel avoided. For details and assumptions click here.

BONUS Part 3: Adding quality solar to your roof increases your homes value by an average of $35,000

Wait, what? I put a solar system on my roof, costing me from $9995, financed with my bank from 0% interest and it adds $35,000 to my home?

Here at Harrisons Solar, we teamed up with to analyse thousands of homes where we have installed Solar to see what impact installing a Harrisons Solar System has on the value of a home.

We compared the houses sold after Solar Panels were placed, with the other comparable homes in the area and found out that, on average, Harrisons Solar increased the home's selling price by 4.4% or $35K. The Top-10 houses increased by an average of 45%; the lowest ten still increased by an average of $10,000… so yes, you can do all that…

So how do I get cheaper solar systems, great finance deals and cheaper power bills in Winter 2024?!

Contact the Harrisons team here today for a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation to take the first step in slashing your power bill and saving the planet!

We won’t be beaten on price, we’re offering high-quality solar system packages so you can get quick and easy savings by slashing your power bill straight away.

Let's hear from some real people who have installed Solar Panels and are getting the most of it!

Tim Hawker from Ohariu:

"Previously, we were spending $3k on power and $7k on petrol for two cars per year. Now we're spending $1.5k on power per year, including fuel for two EVs.

Living rural, we've had a few 6+ hour power cuts since install, and the System has backed up our essential loads perfectly. Even with 80% renewable power in NZ, the remaining 20% is quite dirty.

The environmental payback period compared to the grid is faster than initially expected (About 4-5 years for the Panels, same again for the batteries)".

Brett and Tania Woodend

"Thanks, Harrisons. We are very pleased with our new Solar Panels. We chose Harrisons due to your high-quality products and reliable backup if we need it. We had some minor issues with our hot water timer, which was sorted quickly by Adam. Our power bill has reduced from $240 in December to $14.79 in February".

Phill and Stacey Brown, Hastings

"We had 9 Panels and a Primo inverter (3.1KW) System installed around a month ago. Our last power bill dropped (from 2019) to $75 down from $165, and this included a number of cloudy days! The service has been top-notch, with no hassles. Harrisons looked after us!"

Geoff Lowe Hobsonville

"We've now had the System for a year, and we couldn't be happier. I love watching the Tesla app to check on the power we're generating, using, storing and selling back to the grid. Our average power bills dropped from $500 a month at our previous house to an annual average of $150 a month in the new house. It was a little higher in winter and a lot lower in summer - the bill for January this year was $33.48. December was $45.16. That covers four of us, and we're running a spa pool and a fully ducted A/C System. Plus, we are now finally driving on sunlight'!

See our specials page for all details, and T&Cs.

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