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Meet The Team: Sarel And Hendrik, The Father Son Solar Duo!


With Father's Day this month, we wanted to highlight the formidable Solar father-son Solar duo Sarel and Hendrik!

Based in the sunny Whangarei, qualified electrician Sarel brings 15+ years of experience in the Solar industry. With a wealth of knowledge in Solar, he shares his passion for Solar with his son Hendrik. Inspiring Hendrik to become a Solar installer and now working alongside Sarel helping run their Harrisons Solar business.

We ask them about working as a team, balancing work and home life, and their joint passion for all things Solar!

Hendrik (Son)

Local expert Solar installer

Hey, I'm Hendrik Joubert, my dad Sarel and I cover Northland. We work with Solar customers in this area from start to finish, making sure that every customer gets the best Solar solution for them and their family. I work predominantly in Solar installation and have now been assisting my dad with the rest of the business. Dad and I have been working together for many years now and think we make for a pretty great team!

How did you get into Solar?

My Dad introduced Solar to me at an early age. As a child, I was given a Solar-powered toy car. I was completely fascinated by this and how the Solar Panels powered the car. I believe this early memory sparked my interest in working with Solar.

What are the benefits of working as a father-son duo?

Having my Dad to help me achieve my goals has always been an absolute blessing. His business and Solar skills have laid the groundwork for the greatest successes for my family and me. Dad has taught me everything I know, and I can assure you the lessons are far from over, not only in work but also in life.

Adding to a recent residential Solar install:

10 x Qcells 390w All Black Solar Panels

1 x Fronius Primo 4.0kW Inverter

Plus, the home has a Tesla Powerwall

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Sarel (Dad)

Local Solar business owner

I'm Sarel, the local business owner of Whangarei/ Northland. I cover this area helping locals slash their power bills! How great is it to be able to work with your son, and have all the time in the world with him! Priceless!

Why Harrisons?

When I was considering starting a business in New Zealand, one factor that drew me to Harrisons was the fact that the company's foundation has been built on family for over 60 years. You know you're getting quality products and expert advice. This is exactly what I desired for my family.

What are the advantages of working with your son?

In business, having my son by my side makes me feel unstoppable. I know he is going to go the extra mile because he considers it his business too. Experiencing and enjoying my son's success and helping him when needed is exactly what a father's job is. It's rewarding knowing you're doing a great job as a team and putting smiles on customers' faces.

How do you balance work and home life?

I believe that finding balance in all aspects of life is essential, and you know what? I think we're doing great! We enjoy working hard together to achieve great results at work. and after hours, going fishing! When the tools are put away, we make time to spend together, socialising, and enjoying life! That is why our father-son business is so successful.

I am closing with a very famous quote:
“You don't raise heroes, you raise sons, and if you treat them like sons, they'll turn out to be heroes, even if It's in your own eyes.” – Walter M. Schirra, Sr.

Recent commercial Solar install:

80 x Qcells 390W Solar Panels

2 x Fronius 15kw Symo 3 phase inverters

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