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New Zealand Farms Warm To The Potential Of Solar Energy For Great Return On Investment


If there are two things New Zealand has in abundance, It's farms, and sunshine. This makes modern Solar technology an almost perfect fit for commercial farming operations, from dairy to horticulture.

Dairy farms in particular, are a natural, advantageous fit with Solar. Because dairy operations are often power intensive, running milking sheds, chillers, and plenty of lighting among other needs, they have a lot to gain. Dairy farms usually have an abundance of available rooftop real estate for Solar Panel installation, currently doing nothing.

Solar offers farmers the opportunity to reduce both costs and their carbon footprint. Installation is essentially the same technology that would go on a residential house, only to scale, and the addition of batteries makes the idea even more compelling.

“The issue for farmers and other small and medium business owners is always the upfront cost,” says Phil Harrison, Managing Director of Harrisons Solar. “That's why we offer excellent finance deals with no money up front. It basically pays for itself over the lifetime of the technology.”

Harrison says a close look at the numbers, depending on the farm or business, shows the bottom line is often better than viable.

“In the case of a farm, where the buildings are obviously owned by the farmer, or where the property is owned by the business, it makes perfect sense. The payback can be fantastic.”

The variables that go into choosing the right System are normally the number of Panels that can be fitted on the available roof space. Businesses look at the portion of electricity bill they'd like to eliminate (quarter, half, etc), the amount of carbon emissions the business is seeking to reduce, and naturally, budget.

To help farmers and other business people calculate the true costs, and work out if they'll save money on their electricity bills or not, Harrisons has developed purpose-built software that allows for the addition or elimination of a wide range of variables.

“What businesses want to know is how much is it going to cost, how much is it going to generate, how much are you going to save a year and when is the pay off period is going to be. Our software is very accurate and will provide all that data for you, so you can make a very easy decision: is Solar right for my business, yes or no?”

Phil Harrison says Solar is becoming increasingly popular in the business sector, and It's a natural market given the cost of power is an essential business expense. “The carbon emissions savings aren't bad, either.”

To find out more about whether Solar is right for you and your business, contact Harrisons today on 0800 00 33 54 or use the online form for an on-site consultation.

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