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NZ Ending Oil Permits In Steps To Becoming Leader In 'Green' Energy


The Government's announcement that it was ending new offshore oil and gas exploration has once again thrust renewables into the limelight.

Although some in the electricity sector claimed Jacinda Ardern's declaration had blindsided them, for those of us in the Solar power industry, it was a decision that was consistent with policies that the Labour and Green parties had promoted throughout the election campaign.

The Prime Minister has called climate change this generation's “nuclear-free moment” and It's clear that she intends New Zealand to take a global leadership role in turning away from reliance on fossil fuels towards an economy based on greener, cleaner, more renewable energy sources.

The announcement about the oil permits came as New Zealand's greenhouse gas emissions were published showing we're sixth-highest among developed countries on a per capita basis. Although our gross emissions fell slightly between 2015 and 2016, they are still up nearly 20% since 1990.

In fact, the figures are even worse if you look at the net emissions that don't include the positive effects of the “carbon sinks” from our forestry over the same period – up 54%.

The Government has set targets of zero carbon pollution by 2050 and 100% renewable electricity generation by 2035 – both of which make ending offshore oil and gas exploration a necessary first step.

But it is just a first step.

At Harrisons Solar, we are looking to help all Kiwis play a role in making New Zealand a world-class example when it comes to dealing with climate change now, in the hope of protecting future generations.

  • We pride ourselves on staying at the cutting edge of advances in Solar Panel technology and the growing market in home energy battery storage such as the Tesla Powerwall 2. We believe that home Solar Systems not only make good financial sense by putting a dent in households' monthly power bills, but also demonstrate a commitment to running our lives using clean, renewable energy.
  • The philosophy at Harrisons has always been to help provide all Kiwis with warm, healthy, energy-efficient homes – factors that go hand-in-hand with using less power and cutting emissions. That's why we promote ventilation Systems, insulation and heat pumps, and why we'll help households maximise their returns with a range of payment plans that include information on regional ratepayer loans and Kiwibank's sustainable energy loan.
  • We share ground-breaking companies such as LG and Tesla's energy visions for the future and are sharing those visions to give homeowners the power to future-proof their homes. Our country-wide network of energy experts can help you create an energy-efficient home via a free on-site energy audit including information about how to adapt your lifestyle for energy saving and an introduction to smart devices and monitoring technology that can give you complete control over power usage.

Managing Director of Harrisons Energy, Phil Harrison, says that although the Government has started to roll out policies about lowering emissions and ending power generated from fossil fuels, he's yet to see much involvement in promoting renewables – something Phil says is vital if New Zealand is going to be a true global example of a revolutionary new energy policy.

“All these ideas need coherent planning: for example, they are pushing electric vehicles, which is great, but those vehicles will use a lot of power and so Solar power – particularly domestic-generated Solar power – is going to be a major part of the picture,” he says.

“If the Government really is serious about climate change, then tackling fossil fuels via exploration permits is only part of the story. We are doing our bit to bring down the cost of new technology to help New Zealanders have healthier, more energy efficient homes – what we'd like to see is the Government playing a greater role in helping more households get the benefit of a renewable source of home power such as Solar.”

For more information on how Solar generation, battery storage and creating a smart, energy efficient home can change your household's energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment, contact Harrisons Solar to book a consultation with one of our experts or visit the website to find your nearest Harrisons Solar expert.

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