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Power Outages Causing Chaos In New Zealand. Here's How A Solar Battery Can Help You!


Our hearts go out to our fellow New Zealanders - we are keenly aware of the severe weather conditions that have recently swept through, including the devastating Cyclone Gabrielle and widespread flooding. Our thoughts and sympathies are with all those who have been impacted.

If you are tired of experiencing power outages every time there's a weather event in New Zealand and dread losing connectivity, having to throw away spoiled food, and being unable to charge your phone or work from home - You're not alone! These situations can be stressful and can even pose a threat to your health and safety. The good news is that there's a solution to this problem - installing a Solar System with a Solar battery in your home.

In this article, we'll explain why having a Solar System with battery storage is essential for homeowners in New Zealand. We'll focus on the cost-saving benefits of having a battery and the physical benefits of having a 24/7 backup power supply. We'll also introduce you to the two types of batteries that Harrisons Solar sells - the Tesla Powerwall and the Qcells Home Core battery.

Why You Need a Solar System with Battery Storage for Your Home: Benefits and Cost Savings

One of the main reasons why you should have a Solar battery is to store the free power generated by your Solar Panels during the day and use it at night. This way, you don't have to fully rely on expensive grid power, which can save you a lot of money in the long run. Solar batteries can also help you avoid peak pricing, which is when electricity rates are at their highest during the day.

Furthermore, having a Solar System with battery storage can increase the value of your home. According to recent studies, homes with Solar Panels and batteries sell faster and at a higher price than those without. This is because buyers are increasingly interested in sustainable and energy-efficient homes.

Another significant advantage of Solar batteries is that they can provide power during power outages. With climate change causing more extreme weather events like cyclone Gabrielle and flooding, power outages are becoming more common in New Zealand. During an outage, a Solar battery can provide you with a reliable backup power supply, allowing you to maintain your essential appliances like your refrigerator, lights, and other critical loads.

A couple of real examples of Harrisons Solar customers powering through in a storm:

Rick from Hawkes Bay as of writing is still without power, with only 4x4 access to his home:

"Our Solar System was back on stream after I turned it on after the storm and it has enough power to cover the whole house while we were upstairs. Meanwhile, the lower floor was about five inches deep in water and silt. We had a full battery after day three and we are storing neighbors frozen food for them."

Kaimiro Farm in Taranaki experienced Cyclone Gabrielle's power first hand, but managed to power through the storm by themselves with their recently Harrisons Solar System and Tesla Powerwall.

The Benefits of Installing a Solar System with Battery Storage at Home

In addition to the cost-saving benefits, having a Solar battery can also provide physical benefits, especially during power outages. With a battery, you'll have a 24/7 backup power supply, which means you'll still have electricity even when your neighbours don't. This can be crucial in situations where power outages last for several hours or even days.

Furthermore, a Solar battery can help keep your home safe during power outages. When the power goes out, your security System may also be affected, leaving your home vulnerable to intruders. With a high capacity Solar battery, you can opt to keep your security System up and running, ensuring that your home is protected.

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Tesla Powerwall and Qcells Home Core Battery: Which One is Right for You?

At Harrisons Solar, we offer two types of batteries - the Tesla Powerwall and the Qcells Home Core battery. Both of these batteries are designed to store the energy generated by your Solar Panels during the day and use it at night or during power outages.

Research shows it's important to choose a quality brand Solar battery with a local presence, long history and a credible warranty.

The Tesla Powerwall battery is one of the most popular Solar batteries on the market and Harrisons Solar is the ONLY premium certified installer of Tesla Powerwall in New Zealand - that's great for you as you get early access to the latest features + peace of mind that you are getting the best price and a quality installation.

The Tesla Powerwall is a sleek and stylish battery that's designed to be mounted on a wall. It has a storage capacity of 13.5 kWh, which is enough to power an average home for a day. The Powerwall can be charged using Solar Panels, grid power, or both. It also comes with a mobile app that allows you to monitor your energy usage and control your battery remotely.

Why choose Tesla Powerwall?

The Qcells Q.HOME Core battery is a compact and affordable German Engineered battery that's designed for small to medium-sized homes. It has a storage capacity of 6.8 kWh, which is enough to power an average home for several hours. The Q.HOME Core battery can be charged using Solar Panels, grid power, or both and boasts a industry leading 15 years warranty. It also comes with a mobile app that allows you to monitor your energy usage and control your battery.

Qcells Q.HOME Core uses premium Samsung battery cells ensure maximum safety.

Why choose Qcells Q.HOME core?

  • Scalable battery from 6.8 kWh, 13.7 kWh and 20.5 kWh to suit your energy needs
  • 15 years Warranty
  • Fully wrapped 15-year product and performance warranty backed with high-quality control.
  • Designed in Germany and assembled in South Korea for enhanced quality.
  • Samsung SDI battery cells ensure maximum safety and reliability
  • Find out more about Qcells Q.HOME core

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