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Solar As A Retirement Investment Strategy


As we approach our retirement years, we need to adjust our finances and lifestyle. To secure a financial future and avoid having a baked-beans retirement requires exploring investment opportunities, and Solar System is one of them.

Investing in a Solar System prior to retiring can be valuable, and one of the most low-risk investments and can benefit you more than you think.

Why invest in Solar?

Solar slashes your electricity bill.

Most retirees have a more relaxed lifestyle, which means they can spend more daytime hours at home and use appliances more often. This leads to higher power consumption, which can increase the electricity bill significantly. With already alarming power prices, it can become painful for retirees to cover these bills pretty quickly.

As Solar works during the day when the sun is shining, the Panels will cover a massive chunk of daytime electricity consumption. This also means a faster ROI. Maximising self-consumption (using the power that Solar Panels produce) reduces the payback period, as more savings means quicker cover of the upfront cost of the Solar System paid.

At Harrisons Solar, we have seen customers who have gone from having power bills of hundreds of dollars now reduced to receiving credits back from their power company in the summer months since Solar Panels were installed.

Solar protects you from power price growth.

Retirees often live on a fixed income - NZ Superannuation and KiwiSaver. But while the income is stable, expenses fluctuate. And as electricity rates grow yearly, it's reasonable to assume that they continue to climb. Going Solar is one of the best ways to protect against it. All the power you produce - is free.

On average, it only takes 6-8 years to cover initial investments in Solar. The Solar System has a lifetime of 25-30 years (we recommend choosing quality Solar Panels with a long, credible product warranty like Qcells). Therefore for the remaining 18 or more years after the 6-8 years of payback, you're only saving the would-be costs of your electricity bill. Sounds exciting, isn't it?

No under-consumption.

Power under-consuming is a massive issue for pensioners worldwide. With the fear of not being able to pay their power bills, they often follow the number one advice to save on the cost of living - which means that they reduce their electricity consumption. They are trying to limit the use of their most significant consuming appliances, such as heat pumps/AirCon units. But this is severely detrimental to their well-being, which often results in severe health issues and can even significantly reduce life expectancy.

Increases Home Value.

Multiple researchers around worldwide confirm that buyers are willing to pay more for a property with pre-installed Solar Panels. Most of the expenses related to Solar energy are upfront; you start to save money over time. But when you buy a house with a Solar System, you start saving immediately.

Here at Harrisons Solar, we teamed up with to analyse thousands of homes where we have installed Solar to see what impact installing a Harrisons Solar System has on the value of a home. We compared the houses sold after Solar Panels were placed with the other comparable in the area and found that, on average, Harrisons Solar increased the home's selling price by 4.4% or $35K. The Top-10 houses increased by an average of 45%; the lowest ten still increased by an average of $10,000.

Now's the time to go Solar

By installing Solar, you will slash your power bill and increase the value of your home. If you don't have the ability to buy a Solar System outright, we can help you to apply for low-interest finance plans.

It's never too soon to go Solar. Now's the time to take advantage of our best Solar deals and benefit from your Solar investments well into your golden years.

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