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Solar Panel Output And Off-Grid Living In Tiny Homes


Tiny homes are growing in popularity, as are eco-living and off-grid power! If you're considering switching to Solar, we have put together a guide to help you on your journey to self-sufficiency. Discover what to expect from Solar Panel output and how to prepare for limited energy in a tiny home.

How Much Solar Power Output Do You Need for a Tiny Home?

Solar power is an excellent option for tiny homes, but how much do you need, and what size System would work best for your needs? The amount of power you require will depend on how much time you spend in your tiny home. For example, a permanent residence requires more power than a holiday home. Every tiny house is different, but the typical tiny home uses around four KW of power a day, making it the perfect candidate for Solar power Systems.

Heating and cooling make up a large chunk of energy in tiny homes. The average tiny house will require six home Solar Panels to run comfortably. Your Solar power output requirements will depend on how often you use your appliances.

Which Solar Systems are Best for Tiny Homes?

When it comes to Solar power Systems, there are a few different choices on the market. Consider which battery you will use to store power so your tiny home has power at night and on days when the sun doesn't come out. A battery is a must if you want to be entirely off the grid.

The Benefits of Solar Power for Tiny Homes

Energy Independence

Installing an off-grid Solar power System gives you complete energy independence, so you won't have to rely on big power companies. This also benefits tiny homes in remote areas, where it may be difficult or expensive to be connected to the grid. Power bills will be a thing of the past, and when everyone else is experiencing power cuts, you'll still be good to go!

Power Bill Savings

The most significant benefit of Solar power output is the savings you'll make. Generating your own power means you won't have to pay for lighting, and you'll never see an unexpectedly high power bill, even if you leave the heating on.

Return on Investment

While off-grid Solar Systems can be expensive to set up initially, your savings can quickly add up, making it a very sound investment.

Ready to Connect with Solar Power?

If you are ready to install a Solar power System, Harrisons Solar can help. Harrisons Solar has developed a robust nationwide presence and an industry-leading reputation among customers and suppliers.

Our partnership as a New Zealand distributor for Qcells enables you to get the best Solar Panels at the best price and the most secure, credible warranty in the industry. Get in touch today, and our friendly team will book you for a FREE on-site measure & quote. We can even give you a proposal on the spot.

Off-grid solar systems are not currently supported by Tesla Powerwall and a off-grid system may not be the optimal solution for all energy needs. Talk to us to see what option is best for you.

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