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Solar Will Play A Critical Part In NZ Energy Future


In 2019 we saw a huge movement towards sustainable living and homes, the ban of single-use plastic bags, talk of rising power costs, and how New Zealand needs to change to be energy effecient by 2030. In a nutshell, our future generations depend on it.

To reach New Zealand's renewable energy target in 2030, Solar will play a major part over the next ten years.

Harrisons Solar are one of the country's leading and most established Solar energy suppliers, specialising in Solar Panels, battery storage, installation, and home energy management.

Is New Zealand a good place for Solar?

Absolutely! New Zealand is abundant with sunshine and generates between 1700 and 2100 sunshine hours annually. Some areas, like Nelson and Gisborne, receive as much as 2400.

Solar Panels don't require sunshine to function, they require daylight, so even in the lower South Island, Solar Panels are working year-round.

Granted, not every building is a candidate for Solar, but a huge number of them are. This means most New Zealanders can use clean, renewable energy, and pay less for it. And bigger picture, they can be a part of a more sustainable energy System that will help power our low carbon economy.

Solar is more affordable than ever

Residential, farm, school and business customers are taking advantage of Solar more than ever before, building themselves a sustainable future as well as financial savings. Power costs are only ever going to go in one direction, right? Harrisons can now provide New Zealanders with PV Panels and a battery System at a really good price, from a trusted brand backed by a 25-year warranty.

Furthermore, Solar technology has improved in leaps and bounds, especially with Solar batteries and energy storage. That means the potential return on investment is also greater than ever before.

I'm interested. Where do I start?

Easy. Phone 0800 00 33 54.

Harrisons Solar call centre will ask you a series of questions - to make sure you are a good candidate for Solar as well as knowing a bit about your property before that initial visit. We explain how Solar works, some of the key things you've got to get right and what to look out for.

How long does a quote take?

Customers usually have a price then and there at the first site visit.

The Harrisons local business owner will study your power bill to see what you're consuming and when. Then they design the System to suit, backed by software that generates accurate data about a) what you're going to generate and b) what you're going to save. It's because of this data they are able to give most customers a price on the spot.

How long does installation take?

A typical installation takes one day, with 3-4 weeks from the initial site visit to installation completion.

If 2020 is the year you want to make sustainable changes to your home and/or business, call Harrisons today on 0800 00 33 54 or use the online form to book your onsite consultation.

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