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Tesla Energy: How Does It Stack Up?


When it comes to the Solar and sustainable energy movement, there is one name that everybody knows – Tesla. Electric cars immediately spring to mind when Tesla is mentioned, but they also create sustainable home energy solutions. So, how does Tesla Energy stack up against other sustainable home energy Systems? Find out in our blog post below!

Battery Storage Units

Residential Solar power Systems are becoming more and more popular. They can save you money while being less impactful on the environment than other power methods. But how do you know which System to choose? The battery storage unit is a key part of a home Solar energy System. Here at Harrisons Solar, we stock two types of battery storage: the Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery and the Sonnen Battery. We compare the pros and cons of each System to help you decide which is right for you.

Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery

The stunning Tesla Powerwall 2 draws on the same ultra-safe technology used in Tesla's electric vehicles, giving you complete energy security with 24/7 electricity. Powerwall integrates with Solar to store excess energy generated during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimising your reliance on the grid.

The Pros

  • The Powerwall stores 13.5kWh of energy for use at a later time. This makes it the largest-capacity Solar battery on the market today.
  • Even when those on the grid are experiencing power outages, you'll be able to continue using electricity without interruption.
  • A full charge on the Powerwall will last around 12-15 hours if you keep your energy use moderate. As the System will constantly be storing energy from the sun, it is unlikely that you will ever run out of charge.
  • The Tesla Powerwall can be monitored from your mobile phone, so you'll see breakdowns of where you use your power, how much of it is stored, and much more.
  • Tesla uses lithium batteries in the Powerwall.
  • The Tesla Powerwall has a round trip economy of 90%, meaning that only 10% of generated energy is lost to run the battery.
  • It is the only liquid-cooled battery on the market, which means it can operate at temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 degrees C

The Cons

  • The biggest con of the Tesla Powerwall is the price tag. However, as one of the best Solar batteries on the market, most people who have installed one agree that it is worth it.

Sonnen Battery

While the name may not be quite as recognisable as Tesla Energy, Sonnen Battery is a world leader in Solar battery technology. With over 80,000 units installed worldwide, Sonnen Battery is trusted by many worldwide.

The Pros

  • The Sonnen Battery comes in 2kWh capacity intervals so that you can choose (and pay for) the suitable capacity for your specific needs.
  • The Sonnen Battery comes with a great warranty and is covered to be still performing at 80% capacity after ten years.

The Cons

  • The Sonnen Battery has a round trip efficiency of 81.6%, significantly lower than the Tesla Powerwall.
  • The Sonnen Battery is only rated for indoor use and will only operate within specific temperature rates.
  • The lightest Sonnen Battery weighs around 265 kilograms. The size can limit where you install the battery.

Which to Choose?

If you need help choosing between Solar battery units, contact the helpful team at Harrisons Solar. Finding efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions to fit all New Zealanders is core to us – not only in our products and services but also in how we operate. We work hard with global partners and the New Zealand energy industry to simplify the jargon, offer the most recent technology, and conduct personal, in-home energy audits, which encompass expertise about Solar-generated power and create a full-home efficiency plan tailored to suit an individual household or business's needs. Find the perfect Solar solution today!

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