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Tesla Partnership Highlights An Exciting Year Ahead For Solar


There are few brands that make global headlines quite like Tesla – and Harrisons Solar is proud to have them on board thanks to their revolutionary Powerwall 2 battery technology.

Whether he's creating reusable rockets for his SpaceX programme, live-streaming the launch of his personal Telsla Roaster electric vehicle on a voyage to Mars, or setting up his multi-billion-dollar Gigafactories to help change the face of Solar Panel and battery production, Tesla founder Elon Musk is never far from the news.

Which is why Harrisons is welcoming the brand to sit alongside their existing high-quality range of LG batteries as a way to show that battery technology isn't just the future of domestic Solar generation – It's right here, right now.

Phil Harrison, the Managing Director of Harrisons Solar says the arrival of the Powerwall 2 marks a “change in the equilibrium” between power companies and consumers.

“Now that this battery technology is well and truly out there It's getting people interested in not only generating and using Solar power, but also storing it,” Phil says.

“The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a cool brand to be associated with, It's a trusted major name in the industry, and It's a great product. We've seen interest and sales ramp up as the cost of batteries continues to come down because domestic users are increasingly sick of having no choice other than to continue buying power from a set group of providers.

“A Solar System gives them performance and control, and Panels have certainly become more efficient and inverters are smaller and lighter – but the real efficiencies are now coming in batteries such as the Powerwall 2.

“Kiwis are realising that they don't have to wait for batteries any longer – they can invest in a System right now and they won't be just shaving dollars off their monthly power bills, they'll be using the power they generate whenever they want and, in some cases, almost eliminating those bills.”

Alongside the launch of the Tesla Powerwall 2, Harrisons Solar is also introducing a Solar Easy Pay Plan where homeowners can install their System with no money upfront and then pay it off over five years – while their System is already helping to save them money. “This effectively means that you're getting the sun's energy to help pay off your Solar System as you go, rather than having to fork out thousands of dollars before you start to make savings – and we think that makes great sense for people who want to make the most of this innovative technology,” Phil says.

2018 is looking to be a watershed year for Solar technology in New Zealand. As well as Harrisons Solar teaming up with Tesla, Phil is excited about the strong growth in global sales of Panels and batteries as well as the continued investment in new technology.

For example, over the coming months Harrisons Solar will be launching LG's new 335W Panels into New Zealand – a step up from the 260W and 270W Panels of a year ago. This allows homes to produce more power from the same sized Panels and is a perfect step for homes considering using battery storage, the larger capacity required of increasingly smart homes, and the rising popularity of electric vehicles.

“I firmly believe that in 4 or 5 years, most houses will have a car charger in their garage so a lot of forward-thinking people are considering beyond the simple fact of putting Panels on the roof to generate some power – It's become way bigger than that.”

Systems, too, are becoming bigger with domestic users upgrading inverter sizes so they can be battery-ready and many already realising that low buy-back tariffs from on-selling excess power back to the grid mean batteries are already a good investment.

For more information on Tesla's Powerwall 2, or how battery storage and Solar generation can change your household's energy costs and needs, contact Harrisons Solar to book a consultation with one of our experts or visit the website to find your nearest Harrisons Solar expert.

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