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Tesla Powerwall Guide: All Your Questions Answered


Whether you have regular grid disruptions, want to increase your energy independence, or get the most out of your Solar System, Tesla Powerwall can help you achieve your energy goals. Harrisons Solar is the only Certified Premium Tesla Powerwall Installer in New Zealand, and we will assist you in finding the perfect solution.

But first, have a look at this quick Guide to Tesla Powerwall to get answers to your Tesla battery storage questions and get a sense of if the Powerwall is the perfect product for you.

What is the Tesla Powerwall battery?

Tesla Powerwall is the world's most sought-after battery storage solution. It integrates with your Solar System to store excess electricity generated during the day and makes it available when you need it, minimising reliance on the grid.

Powerwall has an extra-large capacity which differs it from other power storage choices on the market, allowing you to power up more of what you need.

What are the benefits of a Powerwall?

Tesla Powerwall can help you make the most of the power generated by your Solar, save money with time-of-use load shifting, store and offer backup power, and help you achieve off-grid goals by allowing you to choose how your stored energy is used right from the app.

How does a Tesla Powerwall work?

In simple terms, your Solar Panels absorb sunlight and turn it into energy you can use in your home. This energy flows into your home to power your appliances. Any extra energy is stored in the Powerwall. Additional electricity generated by your System is delivered back to the grid once the Powerwall is wholly charged. Your Powerwall will offer electricity to power your home when the sun goes down, and your Solar Panels are not producing energy.

How long can Powerwall last on one charge?

How long Tesla Powerwall will run your home depends on the amount of energy you use with various appliances. With one Powerwall, you will be able to power basic needs in your home for up to 12 hours. This capacity includes lights, electrical outlets, and small appliances.

How many Powerwalls do I need?

Short answer: it is how much power you want or need to store and the types of devices you want to turn on during a grid outage. Most of our customers purchase two or three Powerwalls. To get a complete sense of how many Powerwalls you'll need, we'll need to discuss your goals and look at your average usage history.

Where is it better to install a Tesla Powerwall?

We recommend setting up the Powerwall in non-living areas of your home, like the garage or basement, to protect the battery from the weather. If this isn't possible, we can install a battery outside, but its functionality can decrease in extremely cold weather. Our Solar experts will talk you through all the details.

Does the Powerwall automatically switch on grid failure?

In a power outage, your Powerwall will run, and your home will automatically convert to batteries - keep your phone charged and no messy puddles under the fridge.

Can I use a Powerwall to go completely off-grid?

The simple answer is yes, but you'd need an extensive Solar System and several batteries to keep up with the everyday kiwi family's lifestyle.

Even if you're still connected to the grid, a Solar + battery System will significantly reduce your reliance on utility (while also slashing your power bill) without the added complexity and cost of designing a disconnected off-grid System. You can achieve net-zero electricity use — or even be net-positive — without physically disconnecting from the grid, and it's a lot less expensive.

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How safe is Powerwall?

Powerwall is totally safe. Powerwall's lithium batteries will always perform safely thanks to a comprehensive Battery Management System and liquid thermal management System.

Can I install Powerwalls myself?

We strongly advise you to avoid DIY Powerwall. It is extremely dangerous. To install a Powerwall or any other battery storage, you must be a certified and experienced professional electrician.

Also, to purchase and install Powerwalls, you must be a Certified Tesla Powerwall Installer. Even if you could buy a Tesla Powerwall somewhere on the Internet, it won't come with a warranty unless you buy it from a Certified Installer and have it installed by them.

How long does it take to install Tesla Powerwall?

Installing a Powerwall usually takes roughly one day. In most cases, we'll install the batteries alongside your Solar System, so you won't have to wait any longer. Stock availability is key - you need to jump in the queue as early as possible to secure your Powerwall.

What type of warranty does a Powerwall have?

Powerwall comes with a 10-year unlimited cycle warranty with a guaranteed energy retention level. If the Powerwall loses more than 30% of its storage capacity within ten years, it would be covered by the warranty.

When will the Powerwall 3 be available?

According to what we've seen and heard, there are no immediate plans to release a new Powerwall 3 product.

We get a lot of inquiries about the Powerwall 3 release date and specifications. There will always be speculation about what will happen next and when, as with everything Tesla. There are a lot of websites and blogs dedicated to this topic out there, and many of them are guessing when the Powerwall 3 will be released.

As a long-time Certified Premium Powerwall Installer, you can count on us to inform you as soon as information about the Powerwall 3 becomes available. You should signup to our email in the footer of the page to be the first to know.

Should I wait for the Tesla Powerwall 3?

Even if Tesla announces the new Powerwall 3 model this year, it's unlikely that production will be able to keep up with demand - the US market will be serviced first. The Powerwall 3 rollout will most likely take up to a year after it is announced. Even if you get on the Powerwall 3 waitlist, you may have to wait a long time after the product is launched for retail sale before getting it installed.

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