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The Most Exciting Solar Energy Projects In The Works


As Solar power becomes more popular and accessible, scientists and innovators worldwide are harnessing its power and embarking on exciting new projects. While they may not all be things you can implement in your home Solar System, It's great to keep up with the latest and greatest in Solar power! Learn about some of the latest Solar energy projects below.

Floating Solar Farms

Floating Solar farms are an energy solution that is steadily becoming more popular. Installing Solar Panels on land can use up a lot of space and isn't always the best option. Instead, Solar Panels can be affixed to buoyant structures and then floated on a body of water such as a pond, lake, or reservoir. The largest floating Solar farm is currently being developed in Saemangeum, South Korea. The project is being developed and currently owned by Hanwha Solution with their lead brand Qcells. They are expected to install 77,000,000 Solar modules at the site. This farm will produce enough electricity to power one million homes.

Regular Solar Panels tend to become less efficient as time wears on and they are exposed to high temperatures. When installed in the water, it provides a cooling effect that can extend the lifespan and efficiency of Panels. The Panels also prevent evaporation from the body of water, which is a massive benefit in areas susceptible to drought.


While Solar Panels are a great innovation, they aren't always the most aesthetically pleasing addition to a building.SolarSkin provides a solution to this issue. SolarSkin is a thin film that can be placed over a Solar Panel and programmed to display whatever you want without blocking light from the Panel.

As well as looking great, it filters the harsher light hitting the Panel and maintains efficiency. SolarSkin is self-cleaning, which prevents a build-up of debris that can block the light and stop the Panel from working well. It is also customisable, offering opportunities for fun designs and advertising.

Solar Energy Storage

Solar energy is a winner; however, some people are concerned about relying on inconsistent weather conditions for power. That is where storage Solar energy projects come in. Over the last few years, Solar energy storage has significantly improved, allowing people to safely access Solar power even when the sun isn't shining. Solar energy storage Systems typically use lithium-ion batteries. In the past, these batteries have been sensitive to high temperatures, had less efficiency as they age, and have been highly flammable. But innovations in battery technology mean that Solar energy storage solutions are now safer and more efficient. Harrisons offers three different Solar batteries in NZ that are safer and more efficient than models in the past.

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