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What Is Passive Solar Heating Compared To Solar Panels?


Solar Panels and inverters (active Solar energy) provide an excellent, eco-friendly alternative to energy produced by fossil fuels. Homeowners worldwide are choosing to reap all the Solar energy advantages. But did you know there are different forms of Solar energy? Continue reading to learn more about the forms of Solar power, including the differences between passive Solar heating and Solar Panels.

Passive Solar Heating

When thinking of Solar energy, most people think of Solar Panels, but what is passive Solar heating? There are two key aspects. The first is to trap the sunlight through your windows effectively. And second - to absorb, store and distribute the heat effectively using the airflow and insulation.

It is significantly easier and budget-friendlier to incorporate passive Solar heating at the design and planning stage of the building process but still possible to make it work with existing homes. With the proper planning, some homes can benefit from stable temperatures year-round without additional heating.

Passive Solar design is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat your home.

Solar Panels (Active)

Solar Panels use photovoltaic technology to harness the light from the sun and convert it into energy. When the sun shines onto a Solar Panel, the PV cells in the Panel absorb the energy. The power of the internal electric field within the cell creates energy that moves electrical charges, causing the flow of electricity.

Electricity flows from the Panel to an inverter, then from the inverter to your switchboard and is distributed within the home to power your appliances. Any surplus electricity passes through the electric meter and into the electrical utility grid, and utility companies may credit your address for surplus energy production. You can get paid 18c (excluding GST) for this extra Solar generation with Harrisons' exclusive buy-back deal. (24-month term max 500 units (View deal info and details here).

How are Active and Passive Solar Systems Different?

The most significant difference between passive Solar energy and active Solar Panel Systems is what they can power. Active Systems can power anything that relies on electricity in your home or business.

In a passive System, the heat absorbed cannot be converted into electricity for any other application besides adjusting your home's temperature. Both active and passive Solar Systems are great technologies that provide clean energy.

It is essential to know that they are significantly different Systems. If you wish to power your home using Solar energy, it is the active Solar Panel technology you are after.

Harrisons Have Your Solar Needs Covered

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