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What Solar Panels To Buy: LG Vs Qcells?


When you've decided to go Solar, your research process usually starts with comparing Solar Panel brands to make sure you get the best one. You invest in a System that can efficiently harness New Zealand sunlight and slash your power bills for ages. After weeks of consideration, you probably shortlist LG or Q Cells Solar Panels as they have both been ranked as the No. 1Solar Panel brands.

LG Panels are no longer available worldwide - so look at their South Korean counterpart brand Q CELLS. Engineered in Germany, produced in South Korea, Q Cells is recognised and renowned across the global PV industry as a brand with a superior level of quality.

Let's compare.

The cost of Q Cells vs the cost of LG Solar Panels

For most of us, cost is among the most critical factors. Sometimes It's hard to choose between a top product with the best performance but high price and something that combines excellent quality and performance with affordability. Between these two, LG Solar was a more expensive option. This is not a surprise considering they have been manufacturing some of the highest-efficiency and highest-quality Solar Panels worldwide. In comparison, Q Cells Is more affordable, however, their Solar Panels are equally very dependable and efficient and with LG Solar Panels no longer available - Q Cells are now the best Solar Panels available.

The efficiency of Q Cells vs the efficiency of LG Solar Panels

Solar Panel efficiency is the percentage of electricity that Panels produce from the energy they receive from the sun. Higher efficiency means the Panel produces more electricity during a particular time.

While most Solar Panels today have efficiencies starting from 15%, LG has been offering the best in class efficiency at 19.6% - 21.7%. Q Cellsnew Q.Tron Panel reaches 22.9% max efficiency, outstripping that of LG.

Performance warranty of Q Cells vs Performance warranty of LG Solar Panels

Solar Panels typically come with two types of warranties. A PRODUCT warranty or a PERFORMANCE warranty.

A Performance warranty (usually 25 years) mirrors the so-called degradation rate of your Panels, the decline in power production over time. A Performance warranty ensures that your Panels can produce large amounts of free electricity for decades.

Q Cells latest Panels equal LG's degradation rate of 90.6%.

Product warranty of Q Cells vs Product warranty of LG Solar Panels

By Product warranties, we imply a material warranty, the coverage of integrity of the equipment itself. And because manufacturers stand behind their products, the best ones provide longer, comprehensive warranties.

While most cheap Solar Panel manufacturers are offering 12 year Product warranties, LG led the market with outstanding up to 25 years PRODUCT warranties.

Q Cells Panels match this with also up to 25 years PRODUCT warranty, like the award-winning Q.ANTUM DUO range l. For such affordable Panels, it makes for a persuasive offer.

You need to choose a quality Panel that will last long enough to perform for the full 25 years. Paying a little more for ONE quality Panel now with a 25 year product warranty is cheaper than paying twice for a cheaper Panel with a 12 year warranty Panel to last 25 years…

It's also important to work with a well-known brand with a local support office that will back its warranties. When it comes to both Q Cells And LG Solar, both match this requirement with local warranty support. Q Cells Is the market leader in the EU, US, Japan, and South Korea and has been a major Solar Panel manufacturer since 1999.

To conclude, Q Cells Solar Panels are an ideal choice if you are looking for a fast ROI. Firstly, they are highly efficient. Secondly, Q Cells Panels come with a good price tag and exceptional warranties. And this is actually very impressive given that other Panels in the industry offer fewer warranties & efficiency and higher costs.

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