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What The Harrisons Preferred Partnership With LG Means For Your Solar Panel Warranty


Harrisons Solar take Solar seriously – and that's why we partner only with the biggest, most trusted names in the industry.

Quite simply, for Kiwis to get the best returns on their Solar Systems, whether they are using them to power their homes or businesses, they need to trust all their components are going to:

  • be installed professionally,
  • work as efficiently as possible,
  • have the longevity they expect of big-name brands,
  • have the sturdiness to withstand New Zealand's climate, and
  • be subject to a fast fix-or-replace warranty in the event of anything going wrong.

One of the key reasons we use LG Panels is that we trust their more than 50 years' experience and their documented advantages over competing brands. And, in return, this global pioneer in electronics technology with more than 25 years of intense research and development for surpassing industry standards also backs Harrisons Solar to be its key distributor and installation arm of LG Panels in New Zealand.

Markus Lambert, National Sales Manager, Solar, for LG has made it clear that this means that only LG Panels available via Harrisons carry the appropriate warranty support from LG. Warranty support like that of a new 15 year Product Warranty and Improved 25 year Stepped Warranty with now 86% warranted output after 25 years.

“Harrisons have been an authorized LG partner since 2014,” Markus says. “LG in Australia and NZ has only chosen a selected number of Solar installation companies to join our Solar installation network.

“Harrisons Solar have been selected as the preferred and only LG Electronics Solar distribution partner for NZ in the residential Solar space because of their high level of customer service and installation quality.

“LG Panels in NZ are currently only available via the Harrisons Distribution network and one other commercial partner. The warranty of the LG Panels relies on the proper installation of the Panels to be valid and for 2017 we have not certified and certified any other Solar company in NZ to be qualified in installing the LG Solar Panels in the residential space.

“If other Solar companies than Harrisons Solar claims to have a relationship with LG in NZ in the residential Solar space, then this assertion is incorrect.

“Finally our distributors in Australia have only gained distribution rights for the Panels in Australia and not NZ. Therefore Australian Panels imported into NZ are not following the recommended path by LG to ensure that they are installed correctly. Correct installation is a must to get appropriate warranty support from LG. Currently all warranty support is available via the installation network from Harrisons Solar.”

Harrisons technical advisor Cyril Marychurch says Harrisons is the ideal choice for Kiwis wanting a Solar System specifically because clients can trust the company to back up its word when it comes to reliability and support.

“Our installers warranty their workmanship and we warranty the products – and that's why we choose trusted big-name products,” he says. “That's a big part of what makes Harrisons, Harrisons: we've been here for a long time and we will be here for a long time – we're not just one of these fly-by-night installers who might change what they do or not be there in a week's time when a client needs to get support.

“So we stand by not just our products but also our installers as well so that if anything goes wrong, Harrisons will pick up the tab.”

For more information on Harrisons range of world-leading Solar brands and the warranties that cover everything from technology to installation, or if you're keen to have one of our experts carry out a free, in-home energy audit and consultation contact us on 0800 00 33 54 or check out your nearest Harrisons Solar franchisee via the website and we'll arrange to visit at a time that suits you.

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