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Why Harrisons Is Your One-Stop Shop For Battery Storage


Since Harrisons Solar started to advertise our battery storage in New Zealand, we've been swamped with calls from people who understand it really is the future of domestic energy usage.

The most recent calls are coming from people who have already got their Solar Systems up and running and who need to know whether our range of LG Chem RESU batteries are compatible with their existing Panels and inverters.

And the answer, fortunately, is yes.

Of course, we ensure that all the Systems that Harrisons Solar have installed are battery-ready – it makes perfect sense to us to future-proof all Systems in this rapidly changing industry – but there are plenty of other suppliers who maybe aren't quite as forward-thinking.

So even if you've not bought your existing Solar System from us, we still have the technological smarts and the cutting edge products to bring all the benefits of introducing battery storage to your System.

HarrisonsSolar technical adviser Cyril Marychurch says he's just sent out the spec sheets to all franchisees detailing what products are needed to convert any Solar System to battery storage.

“I got a call from one franchisee saying that since we advertised the LG RESU batteries on television, he'd been inundated with calls from people wondering whether they can put them on their Systems,” Cyril says.

“And the good news is that if anyone has got any inverter on the wall we can use a SolarEdge product, additional battery management and put a battery on to it.”

The independence, reliability and control of having battery storage gives householders the ability to use all the power they collect from their Solar Panels rather than seeing some of it going back to the grid for minimal pay-back returns from power companies. Clearly the chance to upgrade any System with LG Chem RESU storage rather than committing to an entire replacement System or waiting until the end of the current System's working life and then upgrading, is appealing to many domestic Solar energy users.

As well as being able to upgrade any domestic Solar System to battery storage, this technology is also able to save users money – even if they don't have an array of Solar Panels. The System is designed to work with the usual grid-supplied power to allow households the freedom to store energy at low tariffs and use it during peak hours.

“We can even put batteries into places without Solar,” Cyril says. “So you can charge a battery at 4am and, come peak time, start discharging that power. This is the sort of technology and infrastructure that lines companies are already investing in as it helps limit the loads at peak times.”

And as for the future of batteries, Cyril is buoyant, saying that we're still at the early stages of where storage technology can take us.

“There's clearly a point when It's going to be the norm for all of us – where batteries are just part of the packaged product when someone buys a Solar System,” he says.

“It's like air conditioning or electric windows in a car: 10 years ago it was an option, whereas now you'd expect it. The way this technology is advancing exponentially, in five years' time they won't be an add-on, they'll be standard.

If you are looking to upgrade your existing Solar System, you're interested in battery storage or you're keen to have one of our experts carry out a free, in-home energy audit and consultation contact us on 0800 00 33 54 or check out your nearest Harrisons Solar franchisee via the website and we'll arrange to visit at a time that suits you.

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