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Our local Auckland Solar Expert

Carl Williams

Carl is one of the Business Owners for Harrisons in Auckland and Northland

Carl brings a fresh technical outlook to prospective customers. He can offer ideas, support and knowledge when customers are choosing the energy solutions on offer when adapting their current home/new build or workplace.

Carl offers expert analysis and free, no-obligation, in-home energy audits, expert installation, warranties he stands by, Flybuys, and a range of payment options – and brings quality brands and products to a wide range of customers with different requirements.

Carl brings over 20 years’ experience within the IT and engineering industry, at a government level and combines this with his passion for a more energy-efficient home.

He supports the entire process of an install from the initial meeting to final sign-off, he is dedicated to ensuring his customers’ needs are met and has constant communication throughout.

‘I treat every customer as though they are my friends, and customer service is my priority throughout the install process, I feel customer service and technical support is the foundation that supports my sales and repeat custom’

Carl is passionate about helping others and has done this by supporting the rebuild of communities and townships in remote locations worldwide. He now brings this knowledge with him to the Harrison’s team and wants every home/workplace to make the most of the exceptional products that Energy Solutions has to offer.

‘I have worked in several ‘pressure cooker’ type situations to ensure power, satellite, water and other necessary resources are supplied to remote communities to enable them to keep up with the developing world and ensure they have their basic needs catered too’

‘Having children of my own gives me even more drive to support families into healthier and more sustainable homes’

Carl is looking forward to helping you to reduce your power bills by utilising the sun’s rays and to become more self-sufficient within a warmer, dryer and healthier home.


Here’s what the locals had to say...

Jill and Eric Parsons

Te Arai

We are happy with the service provided.

Dean and Melissa Parker

Te Atatu Peninsula

Very professional outfit, no pressure sales like some of the others that priced my system up, and no trying to upsell things that didn't make sense. Pre-installation comms were good and the the install went well on the day with no problems at all and good quality workmanship. I recieved an set of certiifcates, warranties and manuals as a close out pack, something I have never seen before in New Zealand. Even had a few follow up messages to check in to see if I had any questions or needed support. Well done Team!


I dealt with Carl and I am really happy with the results. I did it in 2 stages, solar panels first and then more panels and the Tesla battery. The battery I am amazed with as Carl was able tweak it remotely to align with my electricity supply and maximise the deal offered and save me heaps. The Tesla battery is on another level. I have graphics on my phone that tells me every minute of the day what is happening. I couldn’t be happier and I know going forward I have done the best thing possible with the right people. And wait there’s more… I am able to pay it off over 4 years interest free on my gem and q cards and that amount is less than my power bill. A no brainer. Thanks Harrissons and thanks Carl

Paul Harman

West Auckland

I have just recently gone through the experience of installing solar panels, and found from my initial investigation of various companies, that Harrisons Energy Solutions was my best choice. This proved correct. From my initial approach, I found them friendly, attentive and easy to work with. The consultation process was also easy and stress free, providing me with the best solution and product recommendations. Upon accepting the quote the installation process was very fast and hassle free with Harrisons' taking care of every detail. However, it didn't stop there with Harrisons' also providing excellent after sales service, making sure that everything meet my expectations and to answer any questions I may have. The whole process was fast, easy and stress free and I would definitely recommend their services to anyone considering installing solar power.



We are really impressed with both of our solar panel and I-vent systems installed by Carl’s Team. Our home feels much drier and warmer with the I vent. Our new solar panels have nearly halved our monthly power bill (we got them installed in autumn) and the app is fantastic and easy to read and understand. Their staff are efficient, polite, knowledgeable and they even take their rubbish away! We also appreciate they are available to further questions well after installation. We would definitely recommend “Harrisons” to everybody

Mark & Debbie


We were keen to get Solar energy and contacted Harrisons for the project. Four things impressed us. First, Carl and Sian were very clear in explaining the various options, decoding all the jargon so we did not feel like numpties, clearing up any misconceptions we had. We felt entirely comfortable through the decision-making process, and were very happy moving forward. Second, the equipment we ended up with is elegant, robust, and frankly enhances the appearance of our house - in particular, the Tesla Powerwalls look better than any kitchenware we have. Third, the installation team was very precise and exacting, and every detail is completely perfect - we literally cannot find anything that is ill-fitting or jars. In addition, they were a polite and pleasant team to deal with over the day, and did a timely install despite winter weather and a challenging location. Fourth, Carl and Sian are a pleasure to deal with in terms of logistics and business matters, with clear and timely responses. We recommend this team +++


Wayne Hart​​


Very happy with Harrison’s, every thing happened on the dates advised. Installers were efficient and friendly. System is working great. Encountered no problems at all.



Had three previous quotes but went with Harrisons because of the way Carl assessed our situation and came up with a design that seems to be working well so far. No-one else offers warrantees like this either. Whole process was smooth and quick.



I also wanted to mention that the teams were great. Each and every one of them was friendly, VERY careful with the property, cleaned up, polite, etc. You can't wish for better tradespeople - it was a pleasure having them here! THANK YOU!’

Karen Greenbrook

West Auckland

We are very happy with our solar energy system, it’s much better than we ever anticipated. As we live in a rural area we used to frequently get power cuts, from storms or road accidents but that is a thing of the past, not experienced a power outage this year.

We run an electric car, Nissan leaf, and are still often off the grid!

Can’t speak highly enough about the installation, love it.

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