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Our local Hawkes Bay Solar Expert

Laura and Dave Duncan

Laura and Dave are the Business Owners for Harrisons in Hawke's Bay

Laura and Dave are Harrisons Solar local business owners helping you go solar, slash your power bill and save the planet in Hawke's Bay.

If you want to go solar but don’t know where to start – call Laura and Dave, and they will visit your home, check your roof and understand your energy usage. They’ll show you how much you could be saving with solar and design the perfect-sized system for your needs.

They will even give you a quote right then and there - the best price guaranteed. While there’s no obligation to buy, if you do, you can take advantage of Harrisons' competitive package deals and comprehensive warranties.

Get funding from Hawke's Bay Regional Council!

There has never been a better time to go Solar in Hawke's Bay!

Eligible ratepayers can borrow up to $20,000 at 6% from Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, which can be repaid over 10 years by way of a voluntary targeted rate (VTR). Only one funding package is available per dwelling (rateable unit).

Typical savings when going Solar

The price of solar panels has reduced significantly in the last 10 years. With Harrisons Solar, typical power bill savings are up to 80% per year, and you could even get a credit on your account after selling your excess power back to the grid.

How much does it cost?

There’s never been a better time to switch to FREE New Zealand power, made by you!


4 Years Interest-Free

If cost is holding you back from investing in solar, Harrisons can surprise you with the affordability of our systems. Couple this with a range of payment options from Q Mastercard and GEM finance options, and you will see that Solar is an excellent option for most families in this district. Flybuys points are also available.

Harrisons Solar Specials

Keep an eye on our specials, Harrisons Solar regularly runs deals for high-quality solar packages, panels and batteries with attractive payment terms through popular finance partners. Don’t forget to ask about our Flybuys offers, you can earn with every purchase.


Here’s what the locals had to say...

Wayne & Jenny

Havelock North

Love our Solar, would do it again. Had great service and the staff were very helpful.

Anthony Davis


Very happy with the system provided; panels and battery. Smooth process from initial visit through to final post-implementation review. Thanks to Laura, Dave and the team.

Guillaume and Esther Thomas


Good product and efficient communication. There was a significant delay in the installation, although it was clearly explained (due to the global maritime transport delays) and no extra cost were involved. There is a lot of information to take on when you install a solar system, so best to do a deep research beforehand to get the right options and the adequate return on investment. With the delay, we had forgotten a good amount of the original information and discussions we had about the project, but the contractors were very qualified and delivered good information as the panels and inverters went on. Very excited to produce electricity from our roof!

Graeme & Robyn Gichard


Laura and Duncan, and the installer Paul, have all been very efficent and professional to deal with. they were very good at explaining the options and answering our questions. The system is now working well since the hot water diverter has arrived and been installed. That has changed the efficiency of the system completely. I do wonder that the panels should have been tilted to catch more winter sunlight, but will review this after the summer. All in all we are very pleased.

Mark Beauchamp


Harrisons Solar, I am smiling. You are dealing with professionals here who supply, install and commission a quality solar power package. Tesla powerwall / gateway , LG panels and a Fronius inverter . Then we have Dave and Laura Duncan, franchise owners from the sunny Hawkes Bay. You guys are the best, you made it easy. Great people Now installed I am amazed by the AI. The system works out what your house needs then exports excess solar back to the grid to maximize savings. I feel like a thief. With 3 hours of free power through Contact energy 9pm to midnight I'm charging my powerwall to 100% ...lol that's enough to run my house the next day and it's halfway through June. Bring on summer

Lyn Rae


I would recommend Harrison's in a heartbeat. From the gecko they were so professional and easy to deal with in the lead up to agreeing to install Solar Panels at my residence. What a great decision I made in relying on them to sort out how many panels I would need and going through the process of saving power, plus the added bonus of credits going back into the grid and reducing my power bill. The added Timer also a bonus in being able to turn off my Water Cylinder to again reduce costs. Laura and Dave Duncan were amazing people to deal with.

Mike and Heather


The journey to Solar Panels has been so easy with Harrisons. From the initial contact and presentation with Laura (Hawkes Bay) to the review of the process with Dave at the end, it has been an enjoyable journey. We have been kept up to date at all stages through the process. Have been very happy with all involved in the installation process and would recommend Harrisons Solar without reservation.



It was a great experience all round from start to finish. Laura and her team has been amazing through out with communication, really easy to deal with. The system works perfectly and immediately reduced our power bill by half our average numbers, given that we even did more washing and drying these days. Really happy with the investment so far.

Peter and Kylie Marsh


Laura and the guys were awesome. Callum who installed the system with his off sider did a great job. They even helped out with unisons upgrade at the pole. The whole experience from plans to sign off was well within time frames and one that now sees us with a system generously reducing our monthly power bills. Very very happy

Phill and Stacey Brown


We had 9 panels and a Primo inverter (3.1KW) system installed around a month ago. Our last power bill dropped (from 2019) from to $75 down from $165 and this included a number of cloudy days! The service has been top-notch, with no hassles. Harrisons looked after us!"

Helen & Phil


Harrison’s were a great find for our family. Laura and her team gave their all when it came to the explaining/purchasing and ultimately the fitting of our solar panels. Very fast instalment time and unfortunately we went into lockdown before they could be turned on however we were always kept in the loop and as soon as lockdown was over the big turn on took place. Thank you to everyone involved.

Mike and Janet


We have just finished building our new house and from the outset we had planned to have solar power installed. Well before the plans were drawn up we started researching different solar power companies for quotes. We particularly liked the idea of having a Tesla battery for power storage as they are very compact in design rather than the bulky lead acid battery combinations on offer and they were just coming onto the market in New Zealand.

When we first met Brad he said Harrisons could offer a Tesla battery as part of a solar installation and the price quoted was very favourable when compared to other companies. Brad was able to answer all our questions and we were impressed with his knowledge of what would be best for us. Therefore it was easy to choose to go with Harrisons.

As our solar system was going to be incorporated into the building our house, we bombarded Brad with many questions that were sent by email e.g. where should the Tesla battery be placed, where does the inverter go, how big was the Tesla battery, where will the cables go into the walls, how many solar panels would we need, how are the panels fixed to the roof etc, etc. the list was endless. Brad always answered our questions usually by return or within a day if he had to find out an answer for us. He always came up with an answer for us and with his help and knowledge we ensured that our house was ready for the solar installation. We really appreciated his service in giving quick responses, attention to details and keeping in touch with us throughout the build process.

The installation of the solar system went quickly and without a hitch and Brad’s team of installers did a great job. All credit to them and Brad for helping us getting everything right first time.

We have no hesitation in recommending Brad and his team.

Phillip and Christine


We have had solar panels installed on our roof. I did my homework and spoke to another couple of companies... but finally decided on Harrisons....they are a major company in NZ ....carpets and a lot of other things....and we decided on Harrisons because their local representitive...a guy called Brad Horne...was incredible...he is a local in the Hawkes Bay and he came around and discussed everything with us...with good advice and what we could expect out of panels on the roof....costs...and expected savings....no salesman talk just honest advice...well we went ahead ...and its the best thing we ever did.......our power bills have been reduced by over 70%...and if we manage use of power.....which Brad has helped us with we use appliances at the best time of the day...winter and summer...its amazing...and by the way it adds value to your property

The process...design...and installation was done quickly efficiently and professionally......and another advantage is that the service is on going.....if there is a problem....which there hasnt been...other than how to read the daily savings on our Ipads or cell phones.....Brad is always there....either at the end of his phone....or even comes around to see us to explain to us ...and we arent that brilliant when it comes to techno things....buts its not really techno....its simple....and we dont have to do anything other than get a big surprise when our power bill comes through

I think...its the best thing we did....and Brad Horne is a wonderful gentleman to deal with....just do it....you wont regret it.

Annie & Warrick


We were very impressed with Brad from Harrison’s Energy from the outset. Brad is a great communicator and proved to be professional and a man of his word. He was willing to travel to visit our rural home to assess what system would best suit us and our needs. He gave us excellent advice and provided us with comprehensive knowledge of the different options available to us, enabling truly informed decision making. Brad was able to work out the optimal output of solar for our home, gave us an on-site quote, and we are rapt with the savings already. The tradespeople Brad uses were also amazing - efficient installation; respectful and friendly guys. We are thrilled with the Harrison System and love the monitoring app which helps us to best optimise our savings. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harrison’s and Brad Horne to anyone.

Many thanks, A Very Happy Customer

John and Pamela


We had discussed the possibility of installing solar panels for some time and did quite a bit of market research into this, as well as getting various quotes.

Harrisons were one of the cheaper, and having met Brad, with his in depth knowledge of the panels, the fact that Harrisons have superior panels to others on the market and his in depth explanation of the workings and benefits of solar power, convinced us to go ahead. Brad oversaw the whole process and the installation team were also great.

Only 2 weeks have passed and already we can see the savings on our power account mounting!

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