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Our local Auckland Solar Expert

Nerum Bonesetter

Nerum is one of the Business Owners for Harrisons in Auckland

Nerum puts his success in business in the Auckland region and being twice nominated as “retailer of the year” down to his strong focus on customer service and the drive to “do things once and do them right”. He is passionate about designing energy-efficient homes and small businesses throughout the region by finding the tailored Solar Energy solution. He provides all the information you need to make a well-considered solar energy decision for your home or business.

Having installed a solar system in his own home helps him explain the true benefits of Solar and its workings. Nerum values integrity and honesty, which made the decision to be involved with Harrisons easy. Harrisons are a well-known and well-trusted brand that place a lot of emphasis on partnering with other reputable brands.

Nerum has been in the business for almost six years, and he has managed almost 1000 solar system installations. His experience is second to none so contact Nerum and the Harrisons team today for a free, no-obligation, in-home energy audit – ask about our interest-free payment options and take the first step towards a more energy-efficient future.

Typical savings when going Solar

The price of solar panels has reduced significantly in the last ten years. With Harrisons Solar, typical power bill savings are up to 80% per year, and you could even get a credit on your account after selling your excess power back to the grid.

How much does it cost?

There's never been a better time to switch to FREE New Zealand power, made by you!


4 Years Interest-Free

If cost is holding you back from investing in solar, Harrisons can surprise you with the affordability of our systems. Couple this with a range of payment options from Q Mastercard and GEM finance options, and you will see that Solar is an excellent option for most families in this district. Flybuys points are also available.

Harrisons Solar Specials

Keep an eye on our specials; Harrisons Solar regularly runs deals for high-quality solar packages, panels and batteries with attractive payment terms through popular finance partners. Don't forget to ask about our Flybuys offers; you can earn with every purchase.


Here’s what the locals had to say...

Janet Coup

Half Moon Bay

Prompt response to our initial contact and follow up queries. Good needs assessment with a range of options provided. Kept to the installation schedule and good follow up.

Peter Malton


Very good pre-sales communications, well explained options. (Nerum). Installers very efficient, well organised to a system and tidy

Steven Martin

Steven Martin

I've been dealing with Nerum Bonesetter. From the day he arrived he presented the Solar Package I would need. He gave me a lot of information. As I had researched about Solar Panels I was familiar about much of what he had to tell me. But his concise presentation and his manner, I really felt I was in good hands giving him my order. Every time I had a question I have rung him, and he was friendly and answered all. The process went as he had said. I had no problems with the install or with the technicians who came. A very professional install. I highly recommend Nerum and his team

David Johnstone


This is the second time I've used Nerum and his team. Another great job. Fast response and quick installation. Very happy.

Jeet Prasad


Just some positives from my solar. Last 2 months all my power and 80% of gas paid by solar. I am basically only paying Trust Power for the broadband

House of the Year Nominee Jonathan

Paerata Rise

Harrisons Solar Nerum Bonesetter chats to home owner and House of the Year Nominee Jonathan about his new Harrisons Solar System in Paerata Rise.

Key details of this install:

  • 12 x premium LG Neon 2 365w solar panels
  • 5kw Fronius Primo inverter

Nigel Soakell


I dealt with Nerum Bonesetter, for the sales, design and planning of the installation, and cannot fault his attention to detail or customer service. He is extremely responsive at returning phone calls and emails and went beyond what I would have expected as was still responding to emails after hours. I found that he knew the products well and understood the technical aspects as was able to provide good advice why one system or design was better than the other but also back that advice up with solid technical evidence. I found the costs were reasonable and Nerum was transparent in what was being charged, so there were no surprises at the end of it all and he project managed everything. The installation was done through his subcontracted electrician's and I found Siraz and his crew easy to deal with, they were efficient at their job, knew what they were doing and did a tidy job, there was a couple of small issues but Siraz quickly resolved those. Overall it was a very positive and painless experience and I'm very happy with the results and we are now enjoying the benefits of our Solar Panels. We also got a Solar Immersion controller so that excess electricity produced by the panels is used to heat the hot water cylinder and based on my tests of with and without it, it does make a discernible difference, so would recommend that anyone putting in solar ask and read-up about that and self- consumption. Its far better and more economic to utilize the electricity you produce yourself than sell it back to the grid for a small amount of money. I'd highly recommend Nerum and his team for design, planning and installing a Solar installation, they are experience and very professional and good at what they do.

Leanna Hanna


We had a great experience having our heat pump installed, great information, fast results and nothing was a problem even when I decided to move the location of the pump. Very professional, knowledgable rep who provided us confidence in our choice Had it 3 months and love the difference it makes

Raine and Keiron


Thanks for your great service! It was so quick and easy, and you were really helpful and full of useful information.

Thank you both for a great experience! Looking forward to noticing the difference in the winter! - March 2018



Bobbie recently purchased a 3.6kW LG solar system from Nerum, one of our Auckland business owners:

“We are very happy with the performance of our system so far even though it has only been running for just over a month. We have had many cloudy/rainy days since it was switched on and still we are producing a decent amount of power. We received our first power bill a couple of days ago and it is about half what it usually is so we are very pleased.

The visit you made to us to provide information and pricing was very professional and you demonstrated an excellent knowledge of solar energy and the options that would best suit us. Installation of our system was quicker than expected and done very professionally. The tradespersons left our premises clean and tidy when they were finished and showed me what the inverter did and how it worked. Overall we are very happy with the service, installation and power production." Nov 17

Sheila Munro


We found Nerum very open and he explained our options fully. From the time we decided to go ahead with the installation, all we had to do was change our power supplier to one who buys back excess solar energy - Nerum did all the rest. We are very happy with the whole transaction and are looking forward to receiving our first (smaller) power bill. Thanks Nerum. Oct 17

Sharyn Lear


"Everyone from Harrisons that we had any contact with were very pleasant, informative and service couldn't have been better. Like to specially thank the installer. He went to extra trouble to install the inverter in garage so it couldn't be seen"

Joan and Bill McFlinn


Joan and Bill decided to install solar as "we were looking towards retirement and to make savings." "The surprise is, to be honest, that in an overcast day it is still generating power, which is amazing".

Helen Harrington


Oh my gosh - not even a week in and I am so pleased I got the i-vent!!!

Bill Vakasiuola

Papakura, Auckland

Bill researched solar carefully and is thrilled to be saving up to 40% on his monthly power bill. ‘I am excited with the product and all the service that went with it.

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