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Harrisons Solar Auckland City

Harrisons Solar Auckland City

South Auckland, East Auckland

Nerum Bonesetter

Nerum is one of the Business Owners for Harrisons in Auckland

Nerum puts his success in business in the Auckland region and being twice nominated as “retailer of the year” down to his strong focus on customer service and the drive to “do things once and do them right”. He is passionate about designing energy-efficient homes and small businesses throughout the region by finding the tailored Solar Energy solution. He provides all the information you need to make a well-considered solar energy decision for your home or business.

Benefitting from firsthand experience with a solar system installation in his own home, Nerum effectively communicates the genuine advantages of Solar technology and its functionality. His core values of integrity and honesty significantly influenced his decision to collaborate with the reputable Harrisons brand.

“The big goal is to help provide customers with tailored solar solutions for their home, that aren’t just sustainable but allow them to maximise the array of benefits from solar. A big part of this has to do with ensuring customers receive nothing short of premium quality and dependable solar products, so you can rest easy knowing your power bills will reflect the efficiency and savings that come with solar for years to come.”

Having been in the industry since 2015, Nerum has overseen the successful installation of well over 1000 solar systems. His unparalleled expertise sets him apart. His experience is second to none so contact Nerum and the Harrisons team today for a free, no-obligation, in-home energy audit – ask about our interest-free payment options and take the first step towards a more energy-efficient future.


Nerum Bonesetter

Our friendly team will make a booking for a FREE on-site measure and quote at a time that suits you, and we can also give you a proposal on the spot.

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Our customers love what we do

Kept to the installation schedule

Prompt response to our initial contact and follow up queries. Good needs assessment with a range of options provided. Kept to the installation schedule and good follow up.

Janet Coup

Half Moon Bay

Very efficient, well organised

Very good pre-sales communications, well explained options. (Nerum). Installers very efficient, well organised to a system and tidy

Peter Malton


I was in good hands

I've been dealing with Nerum Bonesetter. His concise presentation and his manner, I really felt I was in good hands giving him my order. Every time I had a question I have rung him, and he was friendly and answered all. The process went as he had said. I highly recommend Nerum and his team

Steven Martin


Another great job

This is the second time I've used Nerum and his team. Another great job. Fast response and quick installation. Very happy.

David Johnstone


All my power paid by solar

Just some positives from my solar. Last 2 months all my power and 80% of gas paid by solar. I am basically only paying TrustPower for the broadband

Jeet Prasad


It was so quick and easy

Thanks for your great service! It was so quick and easy, and you were really helpful and full of useful information. Thank you both for a great experience! Looking forward to noticing the difference in the winter!

Raine and Keiron


Happy with the whole transaction

We found Nerum very open and he explained our options fully. We are very happy with the whole transaction and are looking forward to receiving our first (smaller) power bill. Thanks Nerum.

Sheila Munro


Service couldn't have been better

Everyone from Harrisons that we had any contact with were very pleasant, informative and service couldn't have been better. Like to specially thank the installer. He went to extra trouble to install the inverter in garage so it couldn't be seen

Sharyn Lear


Excited with the product

Bill researched solar carefully and is thrilled to be saving up to 40% on his monthly power bill. I am excited with the product and all the service that went with it.

Bill Vakasiuola

Papakura, Auckland

Nerum Bonesetter went over the options with us and answered all our questions, and worked with us to plan our system and guide us through the necessary steps,

How do I even begin?Thorough, supportive and professional.from start to finishHarrison Solar was responsive and helpful, from the time we first called, through our decision-making process, and throughout the planning and installation of our system. Especially Nerum Bonesetter went over the options with us and answered all our questions, and worked with us to plan our system and guide us through the necessary steps, and the staff was also very helpful and efficient, and the installation went smoothly and as planned. Nerum Bonesetter also followed up with us to be sure the system was working as it should. We are very pleased with Harrison Solar and would recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone considering a solar installation...Call Harrison Solar and save some money..

thayaparan thulasiharan



The Roost: A solar, self-sufficiency success story

Self-generated solar power doesn’t just make business sense because it saves money – it’s also a great way to attract attention.

Why Go Solar

Slash your power bill and save the planet by going solar with Harrisons, NZ's #1 solar retailer.

Save your Wallet

Get Energy Independence

Save the Planet


Frequently Asked

All your Solar questions answered

Will Solar work in NZ?

Absolutely! New Zealand has abundant sunshine and generates between 1,700 and 2,100 sunshine hours annually. Some areas, like Nelson and Gisborne, receive as much as 2,400. Solar Panels don’t require sunshine; they require daylight, so Solar Panels work year-round, even in the lower South Island.

How many Panels do I need?

The average energy consumption is essential in determining the number of Solar Panels you need. A retired couple will have a different power consumption than a young family, plus pools, spas, and electric cars can also impact energy requirements.

The amount of energy Solar Panels can generate depends on sun hours and is therefore affected by your location.

Your roof size is crucial because it determines the number of Panels that can fit on your roof, how much energy will be generated, and the cost.

Check out the most popular Harrisons Residential Solar Systems.

Is Solar right for me?

There are several factors to consider when installing a Solar System in your home. In most scenarios, the benefits of solar power outweigh the drawbacks.

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Book a FREE on-site measure and quote at a time that suits you, and we can also give you a proposal on the spot.

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Book a FREE on-site measure and quote at a time that suits you, and we can also give you a proposal on the spot.