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Harrisons Solar Hawke's Bay

Harrisons Solar Hawke's Bay

Napier, Hastings, Havelock North

Laura and Dave Duncan

Laura and Dave are the Business Owners for Harrisons in Hawke's Bay

Laura and Dave are Harrisons Solar local business owners helping you go solar, slash your power bill and save the planet in Hawke's Bay.

If you want to go solar but don’t know where to start – call Laura and Dave, and they will visit your home, check your roof and understand your energy usage. They’ll show you how much you could be saving with solar and design the perfect-sized system for your needs.

They will even give you a quote right then and there - the best price guaranteed. While there’s no obligation to buy, if you do, you can take advantage of Harrisons' competitive package deals and comprehensive warranties.

Get funding from Hawke's Bay Regional Council!

There has never been a better time to go Solar in Hawke's Bay!

Eligible ratepayers can borrow up to $20,000 at 6% from Hawke’s Bay Regional Council, which can be repaid over 10 years by way of a voluntary targeted rate (VTR). Only one funding package is available per dwelling (rateable unit).


Laura and Dave Duncan

Our friendly team will make a booking for a FREE on-site measure and quote at a time that suits you, and we can also give you a proposal on the spot.

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Our customers love what we do

Happy with the performance

We were very happy with the performance of our solar and Tesla battery system during the recent outages due to Cyclone Gabrielle.

Nari Williams

Hawke's Bay

Great to work with

Great to work with and made everything very easy and straight forward.

Matt Radford

Hawke's Bay

You won’t be disappointed

Harrisons created a customised solar set up for my home that looks great, and is cost effective. I looked at a few different solar providers, some others were cheaper but further research showed that their hardware was inferior. I’ve done the research for you, just choose Harrisons Solar. You won’t be disappointed, wish I had done it sooner

Nathan Pipi


Enjoyed working with Laura and Dave

Enjoyed working with Laura and Dave. They explained everything very clearly and responded in a timely manner to any questions we asked. The installers were great and stayed til nearly 7pm to get it all sorted on the second day. We had a long delay between our first visit and actually starting the process of getting the system set up due to the length of time our room took to build but Laura and Dave didn’t hassle us and just got in touch occasionally to see how we were progressing

Ruth Stoddart


Harrisons have made the process a positive experience

From start to finish of having solar installed, Harrisons have made the process a positive experience. Laura was great, very knowledgeable and offered good advise to suit out situation, she responded almost immediately to our further enquiries after the initial meeting with no concerns of how many times I emailed her. The contractors who installed the system were professional and competent in their work. The installation took longer than they anticipated and they worked on that day until it was completed. We met with Dave the day after the inspectors had signed off the job and he was helpful in the setting us up of the app and explaining how to get the best use of the power the panels were producing. We initially contacted Harrisons Solar after hearing very good feedback we had from friends and family. We were certainly pleased we took their advise. Thank you to Laura and Dave for your excellent service and product.

Carol Rowland


Outstanding service and product!

Outstanding service and product! We obtained a couple of quotes and ended up going with Laura, Dave and the team at Harrisons Solar Hawkes Bay. They used their own in-house installers who were brilliant to work with and they did a first class installation job. I thoroughly recommend you pay the extra price to get the Fronius smart meter and app, so you can see what's happening in 'real time' as this enables you to adapt your power consumption to achieve the maximum out of your system. There are cheaper providers out there, but in the long run its worth paying a bit more for a great product and service, and value for money. Solar power is good for the environment and financially worth it in the long run, especially given Hawkes Bay has some of the highest sunshine hours in NZ. Thoroughly recommend these guys for your solar needs. 10/10.

Glenn Marshall

Hawke’s Bay

Knowledgeable team

Great service. Knowledgeable team, both pre-sale and after install. Install went smoothly and we’re up and running, happy customers.

Richard Woodward

Havelock North

A very pleasant experience

We used Dave, Laura, Jennifer and Juan from Harrisons in Hawke's Bay. Laura guided us through the process. She was very patient with all our questions and shed light into so many details we had not known about before. The installation took place appr. 6 weeks earlier than initially proposed, which was a nice surprise during these times. I loved their customer service, prompt reply to emails and telephone communication when appointments had to be done. Showing up on time when agreed on. Overall a very pleasant experience and we can highly recommend the team in Hawke's Bay.

Nadine and Stefan


A professional and friendly team

We highly recommend Harrison’s Solar Hawkes Bay. Laura’s overview and guidance of the Solar systems available helped us decide on the most appropriate system for our needs. Installation was completed by a professional and friendly team who kept us informed throughout the process. Dave completed the post installation follow up by ensuring we were aware of how to get the best results from our solar system.

Alf & Chris Herd


Smooth process

Very happy with the system provided; panels and battery. Smooth process from initial visit through to final post-implementation review. Thanks to Laura, Dave and the team

Anthony Davis


Good product and efficient communication

Good product and efficient communication. There was a significant delay in the installation, although it was clearly explained (due to the global maritime transport delays) and no extra cost were involved. There is a lot of information to take on when you install a solar system, so best to do a deep research beforehand to get the right options and the adequate return on investment. With the delay, we had forgotten a good amount of the original information and discussions we had about the project, but the contractors were very qualified and delivered good information as the panels and inverters went on. Very excited to produce electricity from our roof!

Guillaume and Esther Thomas


Very efficient and professional

Laura and Duncan, and the installer Paul, have all been very efficient and professional to deal with. they were very good at explaining the options and answering our questions. The system is now working well since the hot water diverter has arrived and been installed. That has changed the efficiency of the system completely. I do wonder that the panels should have been tilted to catch more winter sunlight, but will review this after the summer. All in all we are very pleased.

Graeme & Robyn Gichard


Efficient and their communication was awesome.

Great company to deal with, they were efficient and their communication was awesome.

Tamara Murphy


Impressive Tesla Battery Performance

Thanks Harrison’s Hawkes Bay for another great team effort in installing our Tesla Battery. This completes our solar setup after installing solar panels with them 4 years ago. The great experience has continued even through a change in franchise owners. Our installer Phil also did our panels. The team are very prompt, personable, knowledgeable and communication is excellent. We are very impressed with the battery performance to date, with it’s self learning algorithms making the most of storing energy and exporting where necessary to make it as efficient as possible to save you money. Combined with the Contact energy Good Nights free power plan from 9pm to 12am to top up your battery for free each night we can already see even more cost savings beyond what we had with panels only. We compared many other solar battery systems prior to deciding on the Tesla. Although not the cheapest, it is by far one of the most superior in sophistication and technology making it one of the best currently available in NZ. If you are considering solar at any stage contact Laura and her team at Harrison’s HB to provide you with a very competitive price and superior service.

Graeme & Vicki Clarke


Can't say enough about the local Harrisons team

Can't say enough about the local Harrisons team, they were the only company who bothered to get back in touch, did a full site visit and were upfront with the costs and explained the process perfectly. The installation was smooth, the installation sparkies were great guys and trustworthy tradies, and you couldn't ask for more. Don't bother looking anywhere else, these guys know their stuff.

Mike Faulkner


System is work just as promised saving some money and planet too.

Great Service by Laura and the team at Harrisons, the system was installed ahead of time, the installers Zeus and sons were great the boys had everything up in a day, were polite and tidy. Jennifer in the back ground helped make all the paper work go through smoothly and stress free. System is work just as promised saving some money and planet too.



Why Go Solar

Slash your power bill and save the planet by going solar with Harrisons, NZ's #1 solar retailer.

Save your Wallet

Get Energy Independence

Save the Planet


Frequently Asked

All your Solar questions answered

Will Solar work in NZ?

Absolutely! New Zealand has abundant sunshine and generates between 1,700 and 2,100 sunshine hours annually. Some areas, like Nelson and Gisborne, receive as much as 2,400. Solar Panels don’t require sunshine; they require daylight, so Solar Panels work year-round, even in the lower South Island.

How many Panels do I need?

The average energy consumption is essential in determining the number of Solar Panels you need. A retired couple will have a different power consumption than a young family, plus pools, spas, and electric cars can also impact energy requirements.

The amount of energy Solar Panels can generate depends on sun hours and is therefore affected by your location.

Your roof size is crucial because it determines the number of Panels that can fit on your roof, how much energy will be generated, and the cost.

Check out the most popular Harrisons Residential Solar Systems.

Is Solar right for me?

There are several factors to consider when installing a Solar System in your home. In most scenarios, the benefits of solar power outweigh the drawbacks.

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Book a FREE on-site measure and quote at a time that suits you, and we can also give you a proposal on the spot.