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Our local Taranaki Solar Expert

Steve and Sharron Betts

Steve and Sharron are our Business Owners for Harrisons in Taranaki

Steve and Sharron would like to come and meet with you and discuss how much you could be saving with solar, with the perfect sized system for your needs. With Taranaki leading the way in sunshine hours for New Zealand, there has never been a better time to make the smart decision of going solar.

Steve is a qualified electrician and will be leading every install, so you know you are in safe hands with your new solar system. Sharron's background is in the building industry and has vast experience to draw on, and can also help guide you with your system design.

Steve and Sharron will come to you and give you a proposal after assessing the best solution for you. While there’s no obligation to buy, if you do, you can take advantage of Harrison’s competitive package deals and comprehensive warranties.

Contact Steve and Sharron and the Harrisons team today for a free, no-obligation, in-home energy audit – ask about our interest-free payment options or finance payment plans – and take the first step to a warmer, healthier, more energy-efficient future.

Typical savings when going Solar

The price of solar panels has reduced significantly in the last ten years. With Harrisons Solar, typical power bill savings are up to 80% per year, and you could even get a credit on your account after selling your excess power back to the grid.

How much does it cost?

There's never been a better time to switch to FREE New Zealand power, made by you!


4 Years Interest-Free

If cost is holding you back from investing in solar, Harrisons can surprise you with the affordability of our systems. Couple this with a range of payment options from Q Mastercard and GEM finance options, and you will see that Solar is an excellent option for most families in this district. Flybuys points are also available.

Harrisons Solar Specials

Keep an eye on our specials; Harrisons Solar regularly runs deals for high-quality solar packages, panels and batteries with attractive payment terms through popular finance partners. Don't forget to ask about our Flybuys offers; you can earn with every purchase.


Here’s what the locals had to say...


New Plymouth

Steve and Sharron were great to deal with. Their communication was outstanding throughout this process especially with the million questions I had for them. The installers worked very efficiently all day to install the system and worked into the dark to make sure it was operational before we were due for heavy rain the next day. Would highly recommend to drop them a bell and talk about your needs you won’t be disappointed!

Stewart Morley

New Plymouth

This is a no brainer to get a solar system to reduce my outgoings. Harrison’s made it simple and the after service is 5 stars.

Rosanne & Ross

New Plymouth

When friends of ours told us that they had solar panels put in by Harrisons my husband got very excited whereas I was very dubious as we had looked at panels with battery some years earlier and decided that the technology wasn’t quite worth us investing that amount of money yet. When Steve came along to talk to us I was fairly negative until he mentioned these things.

One.. the warranty on the panels Ross was interested in was 25 years and two... there was a deal going that meant we could pay them off over a 4 year interest free period. I quickly did the maths and decided that it was affordable as our power bill should reduce substantially if I set the never before used timers on my appliances to come on at different times of the day when the sun should be shining.

As we were going into autumn winter my crock pot was hauled out of the cupboard and the recipes books put to use again. I felt like an old time pioneer harnessing the power of nature to do my work for me. Our friends living in the same town as us have not paid a power bill in 4 months as they are low power users and the power they generate in the late summer/autumn season is enough to cover even their daily power charge. We however are much higher users with teenagers, ventilation units in the ceiling, two fridges and I do a lot of cooking and baking. We will never be zero use; we live in Taranaki after all with those cold winter nights.

Harrisons made it very easy, explaining things carefully to an electricity challenged homeowner. The installation was done well and Sharon provides excellent after sales advice and service. She is like your new best friend, always so happy to hear from you. Interestingly I spent more on the panels than I intended to because I decided to go for a type that is able to produce more on low light days and looking at the weather we have had this week and comparing our production with our friends ( they chose the original option) our power production is much higher than theirs. It's a little bit like when is the best time to plant a tree. The answer is always “yesterday”. There will always be a more classy, more economical, more technologically savvy system coming along tomorrow . I’m glad we bought ours in April and got on with it.

Lovely people to work with. Were very patient and explained things well and were available for after sales advice.

Fiona Donselaar

New Plymouth

I don’t know why I waited to long to make the leap to solar! And Harrison’s New Plymouth made it all happen so smoothly and effortlessly. Lovely people to deal with, along with a job well done.

Ian Craig


ade process straightforward and easy to follow Whole process simplefied quick and painless installation. Very happy with the design, services and finished product. Happy to use again

Daniel Telfer

New Plymouth

Sharron and Steve, Great job and thanks for everything. I have wanted solar for a long time and thanks to you both now have.

Tony Waghorn

New Plymouth

We're very happy with the service we recieved

Doug Robinson


Wow- we were so impressed with Sharon and Steve at New Plymouth Harrison's Solar. The whole process from go to installation was superb. No question was left unanswered and we were kept up to date thoroughout the installation process. We love ouŕ solar system and it is working really successfully for our home and lifestyle. A real triumph in every way and we are so glad we decided to install a solar power system. We enthusiastically recommend these people and their company and solar products 100%.

S & P Newland

New Plymouth

Steve, Sharron and all of the team members we dealt with were very professional and pleasant to deal with. My husband and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking to get Solar installed.

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