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You can trust Harrisons

Harrisons install more residential solar than anybody else

  • 1000’s of installs around New Zealand, Harrisons is NZ's largest installer of residential solar.
  • Harrisons local Kiwi family owned since 1962
  • Harrisons Solar Price Promise: We guarantee to match the price on the same or similar quality product

Sir Michael Jones


"After researching solar we like the LG Panels and the whole science behind it". " We were able to have peace of mind that we were buying quality but at a really cost effective price... Every day we are saving"

Rosanne & Ross

New Plymouth 

When friends of ours told us that they had solar panels put in by Harrisons my husband got very excited whereas I was very dubious as we had looked at panels with battery some years earlier and decided that the technology wasn’t quite worth us investing that amount of money yet. When Steve came along to talk to us I was fairly negative until he mentioned these things.

One.. the warranty on the panels Ross was interested in was 25 years and two... there was a deal going that meant we could pay them off over a 4 year interest free period. I quickly did the maths and decided that it was affordable as our power bill should reduce substantially if I set the never before used timers on my appliances to come on at different times of the day when the sun should be shining.

As we were going into autumn winter my crock pot was hauled out of the cupboard and the recipes books put to use again. I felt like an old time pioneer harnessing the power of nature to do my work for me. Our friends living in the same town as us have not paid a power bill in 4 months as they are low power users and the power they generate in the late summer/autumn season is enough to cover even their daily power charge. We however are much higher users with teenagers, ventilation units in the ceiling, two fridges and I do a lot of cooking and baking. We will never be zero use; we live in Taranaki after all with those cold winter nights.

Harrisons made it very easy, explaining things carefully to an electricity challenged homeowner. The installation was done well and Sharon provides excellent after sales advice and service. She is like your new best friend, always so happy to hear from you. Interestingly I spent more on the panels than I intended to because I decided to go for a type that is able to produce more on low light days and looking at the weather we have had this week and comparing our production with our friends ( they chose the original option) our power production is much higher than theirs. It's a little bit like when is the best time to plant a tree. The answer is always “yesterday”. There will always be a more classy, more economical, more technologically savvy system coming along tomorrow . I’m glad we bought ours in April and got on with it.

Lovely people to work with. Were very patient and explained things well and were available for after sales advice.

Mitchell Rogers


Carter from Harrisons in Canterbury was really efficient to deal with. I shopped around but ended with Harrisons as they provided the higher-quality products for very competitive prices. They have down-to-earth customer service and were open to discussing all of the options. They used PowerPlus to install, and they were also great to deal with, careful and friendly. Overall a great experience.

Fiona Donselaar

New Plymouth 

I don’t know why I waited to long to make the leap to solar! And Harrison’s New Plymouth made it all happen so smoothly and effortlessly. Lovely people to deal with, along with a job well done.

Tracey Schubert


I got four quotes for the solar power. Harrisons were the only one who bothered to go up onto my roof and check it out. To my horror I got told that I needed to paint the roof (concrete tiles) prior to them installing the panels.

I then discovered that the roof was porous, the grit on the concrete washing away, and it was only a matter of time before I would need a new roof. The roof had not been painted in 50 years! So I thank Harrisons for their advice - even though it meant I spent all summer painting the roof - they saved me $25K. I have now painted the roof in Terracotta Orange and the Black Solar Panels look really great in contrast.

Today it is raining and I can relax - I have no fear of my roof leaking and I am still getting some power off the panels, even with the cloud.

J Morrison


Great installers fantastic product excellent communication AAA

Janet Coup

Half Moon Bay 

Prompt response to our initial contact and follow up queries. Good needs assessment with a range of options provided. Kept to the installation schedule and good follow up.

Jill and Eric Parsons

Te Arai 

We are happy with the service provided.

Ian Craig


ade process straightforward and easy to follow Whole process simplefied quick and painless installation. Very happy with the design, services and finished product. Happy to use again

Gill Webb

Langs Beach 

Lovely people to deal with. Very efficient and knowledgeable, and after sales support was excellent

Owen McMurchy


We found Harrisons Solar Northland to give good advice offering good value on a quality product,

Their service to ensure the additional installation was well done, putting us at ease though out the process.
When asked to assist with the understanding of labelling and instructions
for turning off and on of the PV system - It was no trouble.

If anyone is looking to install a Solar System - we are happy to recommend Harrisons Solar Northland

Garth Holder


Excellent! Sarel responds very quickly to calls. His knowledge, advice and explanations are first class.

Stevan Fisk

Palmerston North 

We investigated 4 companies and chose Harrison’s for their better tech and end to end service, for a complete system and install. Andrew the local agent came around to do a site visit and his solution was simpler and more aesthetically pleasing than others had suggested. All though the system selection and configuration process , Andrew was helpful - He listened to our needs and together we came up with an ideal solution. After a long wait due to demand and supply we finally have a Tesla Powerwall system that does exactly what it we wanted and we are very happy.

Kara Nation

Churton Park 

Darryl and his team of installers were awesome to deal with. Couldn't be happier with the service we received and are loving having our solar!!!

Peter Coeland


Great team to work with. In particular they keep good communication with both supply and service.

Suzanne Gillespie


I dealt with David Smith in the Taupo area to purchase and install my solar system. David patiently explained everything I needed to know and that was much appreciated as I had little prior knowledge about solar. As David is sales as well as the installation, it's great to have consistent service throughout the experience. It was important to me to deal with a reputable company that stands by its products with a long warranty and to have aftersales service in case of queries or issues. David is thorough, polite, helpful and efficient and I felt assured that he was proficient in his field. Very happy to recommend David and Harrisons to others who are interested in a solar system in the Taupo area

Marion Moon


We appreciated the time spent, visiting out home, discussing our needs, answering all of our questions. They responded in good time to any further queries and they arrived to do the work two weeks earlier than anticipated. WOW. Such good service. Thank you!

Lyn Rae


I would recommend Harrison's in a heartbeat. From the gecko they were so professional and easy to deal with in the lead up to agreeing to install Solar Panels at my residence. What a great decision I made in relying on them to sort out how many panels I would need and going through the process of saving power, plus the added bonus of credits going back into the grid and reducing my power bill. The added Timer also a bonus in being able to turn off my Water Cylinder to again reduce costs. Laura and Dave Duncan were amazing people to deal with.

Mike and Heather


The journey to Solar Panels has been so easy with Harrisons. From the initial contact and presentation with Laura (Hawkes Bay) to the review of the process with Dave at the end, it has been an enjoyable journey. We have been kept up to date at all stages through the process. Have been very happy with all involved in the installation process and would recommend Harrisons Solar without reservation.

Steve Donaldson


Carter and Kate were fantastic to deal with.

Carters initial presentation gave us peace of mind and we felt Harrison’s was going to do a great job for us.
Great communication all the way through the process.
The installation with Adam and his team was out standing and very pleasant to deal with.

Highly recommend

Pat Walsh


Great Service, great job, plenty of personal contact, couldn't be happier

Salla and Craig Douglas


Thanks Daryl, Karyn & Co of the Wellington area Harrison's Solar! The process was easy, these guys are great to deal with, and we're loving the product! :-)

Thomas Quirke


We recently purchased our 5.4kW solar system through Guy and Nikki from the Nelson/Marlborough franchise. The whole process was easy, and their team of installers done a superb job getting the system installed and wired up. The installers went the extra mile with the wiring, making it very neat and tidy rather than running conduit outside the roof between the two strings. Guy and Nikki were knowledgeable, and always available to answer our questions, and we’d happily work with them again in the future!

Mark Maloney


We contacted Harrison's Solar - Waikato a little way (some would say late) into our build and they were able to turn around a very quick set of quotes for us to choose from (time was of the essence prior to GIB going up in our new build to get the pre-wiring completed). After answering all the questions we had about the options they put forward and changing the quote to fit our needs, we chose the system that best suited our needs and the work began in a matter of days. The customer service from the whole team at Harrisons Solar - Waikato has been outstanding from the onsite visits to check the work their contractors have undertaken through to the after sales queries we have had. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them if you are thinking of going for a Solar option in the future. A massive thank you to Tineka, Andre and Donna for all your help.

Tim Hawker


Daryl spent a couple hours going over various options during consultation phase, answering a myriad of questions and providing lots of useful info.

Jake and Co. did an incredible install. They catered to my (picky) requirements, and always discussed item positioning before securing anything. It looks awesome. Thank you team.

Previously we were spending $3k on power and $7k on petrol for two cars per year. Now we're spending $1.5k on power per year including fuel for two EV's.
Living rural, we've had a few 6+ hour power cuts since install, and the system has backed up our essential loads perfectly.
Even with 80% renewable power in NZ, the remaining 20% is quite dirty. The environmental payback period compared to grid is faster than initially expected (About 4-5 years for the panels, same again for the batteries).
If you're looking for solar, give Daryl a call. Recommended.

Ron & Elizabeth


Thanks once again for your guidance and expertise in the installation of our solar power system.

It is all that we wished for and provides the returns that we were looking for. Very happy.

Arthur Klap


We have been very impressed with Daryl and his Harrisons Solar team. The initial meeting with Daryl was honest and informative and the resulting proposal had several options for us to consider. Then the installation was very professional and efficient. We highly recommend Harrisons Solar for the quality of the service they provide but also because they know Wellington and what is required here.



I've just had a solar system installed by Harrisons Solar.

We are very pleased with the result. Guy & Nikki's communications and professionalism have been first rate from start to finish.
The installers were also efficient and knowledgeable and good to chat to. I had many questions. I hope that I didn't slow them down too much :) Happy to recommend Harrisons Solar - Nelson/Tasman

Dane and Liz Tombleson


Gareth from the Waikato franchise has been brilliant to deal with! I really appreciate him answering all my questions. I liked how honest and upfront he was. I nearly got locked in with another solar company however quickly realised that quality was lower and harrisons offer a superior product at a competitive price. Not pushy, very friendly and very professional. Great job done. Also I found the installers to be very polite and respectful which is important given the current pandemic. Their office person kept us up to date and was brilliant too. If you are considering solar have chat with these guys, do some research and you will quickly learn about why the products harrisons install are far superior to the competition. Thanks again

Christine Bary


10/10. Nikki and Guy were super helpful and communicative throughout the process. From initial consultation, to understanding the bennifits of our system in the real-time solar app. Highly recommend!



It was a great experience all round from start to finish. Laura and her team has been amazing through out with communication, really easy to deal with. The system works perfectly and immediately reduced our power bill by half our average numbers, given that we even did more washing and drying these days. Really happy with the investment so far.

Tom Q


We recently purchased our 5.4kW solar system through Guy and Nikki.

The whole process was easy, and their team of installers done a superb job getting the system installed and wired up. The installers went the extra mile with the wiring, making it very neat and tidy rather than running conduit outside the roof between the two strings.
Guy and Nikki were knowledgeable, and always available to answer our questions, and we’d happily work with them again in the future!

Brenna Nation


When we decided to go for Solar, both Guy & Nikki knew what they were talking about. Guy was very knowledgeable and professional and the entire process was efficient and without any issues. They are extremely helpful and we’re with us every step of the way. We are thrilled with our Solar and very thankful to Guy & Nikki for assisting out with the project.

Dean and Melissa Parker

Te Atatu Peninsula 

Very professional outfit, no pressure sales like some of the others that priced my system up, and no trying to upsell things that didn't make sense. Pre-installation comms were good and the the install went well on the day with no problems at all and good quality workmanship. I recieved an set of certiifcates, warranties and manuals as a close out pack, something I have never seen before in New Zealand. Even had a few follow up messages to check in to see if I had any questions or needed support. Well done Team!

Daniel Telfer

New Plymouth 

Sharron and Steve, Great job and thanks for everything. I have wanted solar for a long time and thanks to you both now have.

Tony Waghorn

New Plymouth 

We're very happy with the service we recieved

Doug Robinson


Many thanks to you all for a superb job. I have already recommended you and your services to a friend. A great job done.

S & P Newland

New Plymouth 

Steve, Sharron and all of the team members we dealt with were very professional and pleasant to deal with. My husband and I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking to get Solar installed.

Carolyn Copeland


Great service and support from Andrew and the team. Fantastic solar system working better than expected. Pricing was spot on and install went smoothly. Highly recommend

Rob Brough


Guy and Nikki of Harrisons Solar in Marlborough/Nelson have been wonderful to deal with. I explained what I was looking for and oh boy, did they deliver! I followed Guy's advice, having them install 24 high-end LG panels (I decided to "over-panel"), two Tesla Powerwalls and a Fronius inverter. Wow! I am charging the batteries by mid morning, running the house and sending 30+ kWh to the grid every day and it's still a couple of weeks before longer summer days. It's a great feeling to know that I have some independence from the grid! The installation was done on time and to a very high standard. I couldn't be more pleased and would recommend them to anyone.

Glenda Norris-Palmer


With thanks for your amazing service and assistance by the whole team at Harrisons with getting my solar system up and running. I am most grateful.



I dealt with Carl and I am really happy with the results. I did it in 2 stages, solar panels first and then more panels and the Tesla battery. The battery I am amazed with as Carl was able tweak it remotely to align with my electricity supply and maximise the deal offered and save me heaps. The Tesla battery is on another level. I have graphics on my phone that tells me every minute of the day what is happening. I couldn’t be happier and I know going forward I have done the best thing possible with the right people. And wait there’s more… I am able to pay it off over 4 years interest free on my gem and q cards and that amount is less than my power bill. A no brainer. Thanks Harrissons and thanks Carl

Sallie Greenwood


We are absolutely thrilled with the performance of the system. I can't speak too highly of the experience from your visit to the house to the final payment. Every step has been so smooth and well informed. Thank you both so much. I'm happy to sing your praises (and have already) to anyone who is considering solar.

Robert Hodgkinson


We obtained 3 quotes for our solar PV system. 2 quotes were based on satellite images of our property but Guy from Harrisons meet with us at our home for over an hour to understand what we required and then to explain what could be provided to achieve that and how the system works.

Based on the quality of products offered, the best price quoted for like-for-like systems and the personal service, we accepted the quote from Harrisons. This wasn’t what we had expected as we had a particular architectural outcome that we were after and the look of the system showing off the green technology was very important to me. I thought Harrisons, as a large organization, wouldn’t stick it out with my fussy approach to the layout and looks. Happily they excelled far beyond what I expected to receive in every respect of service, communications, follow up, personal customer focus, and the end result and we have received a 10/10 outcome from start to finish. The installation team also was cheerful and helpful and we enjoyed having them work on the house.

We now have a system with components warranted for 25 years and 15 years and are enjoying the savings and the green energy outcome.

At the end of the installation I said to Guy that he had provided the best customer service that I can remember receiving from anyone or any company.

Mill Creek Blue Berries


Guy and Nikki Jacobson who own the Harrisons Solar franchise for the top of the South Island installed a 15kw system on our Blueberry packing shed to meet the increasing demand of electricity required for our orchard expansion. We choose to go with the Harrisons business based on the level of expertise and experience in this field. We have not been disappointed, from the first consult with Guy through to the clear and honest quoting and performance of the system we have never looked back.

Its been a absolute asset to our business, Guy and Nikki where extremely clear, based on our location that the system would work very well on our packhouse due to our power usage through the summer/harvest months but when I ask the company about installing a system on our house for winter usage Guy was very up front and said it would not work.

We really appreciate the professionalism of their company and cannot speak highly enough of the way they conduct their business for the franchise, and them as a hard working honest team.

The entire process was seamless and professional and is saving us money! Yay!

Canterbury Biltong Factory


Our local business owner Carter in Christchurch had an exciting new project working alongside David Stanley from the Canterbury Biltong factory. David decided to go solar and slash the company's power bills!

"Our main driver of going solar was a combination of economics, so investing in our future, but also the sustainability aspect is also attractive to us" - David Stanley (Canterbury Biltong, Owner)

"It's been a really easy system to install, it's gone like clockwork, and you can actually see how it's performing every minute of the day." - David Stanley (Canterbury Biltong, Owner)

Rai Valley Area School

Rai Valley 

Rai Valley Area School chose Harrisons Blenheim to manage and provide their Solar Installation, because Guy and Nikki are so passionate about what they do and being local it meant the school would have long term local support. The school’s installation was a complex one – also providing an emergency backup system supported by a Tesla Powerwall to support our Rural Community should it ever be cut off from the national grid for any length of time.

Guy and Nikki worked closely with the school and delivered the project on time and within budget. They have continued to be available with any questions and support to show how effective the system is regarding savings and energy efficiency within the school.

Rai Valley Area School Board of Trustees

Motupipi School

Abel Tasman Drive, Motupipi 

I really recommend Guy and Nikki. They were patient and understanding with my limited knowledge of solar panels and took the time to really discuss product options, etc. Installation was a breeze and the follow up service has been great. From all of us at Motupipi School, thank you!



Being a retail store, power consumption is high during the day. Farmlands wanted to show what can be achieved and they are very happy that the building is self sufficient even in winter.



Adrian was knowledgeable and kept us updated throughout the whole process from start to finish. Superior products supplied and installed with extreme professionalism; We will certainly be using Harrisons for future projects. Thank you team. Lawrence Rotorua

Sara Dover


Extremely satisfied with our Harrisons solar install. Julie and Greg were fantastic and answered all our questions, nothing was too much trouble. Their install team were really professional and efficient and did a great job. I honestly can't find fault with anything. Really appreciated the after install visit to make sure we got the most out of our system and knew how to use the app.

Jason and Kathrin


Guy and Nikki Jacobson of Harrison’s Solar in Blenheim were fantastic to deal with. We now have our system all hooked up and operating. They took care of everything required for the install. Guy has been great to deal with and I’d highly recommend him to anyone looking to install solar. Siraz and his team did a great job with the install and were good to deal with. Overall a very good experience for Kathrin and I having chosen Harrison’s to supply of solar needs

Wayne Hillary


Rick from Harrisons was easy to deal with and on the ball. Would recommend him and have done already to other peopel planning a solar install.

Paul Harman

West Auckland 

I have just recently gone through the experience of installing solar panels, and found from my initial investigation of various companies, that Harrisons Energy Solutions was my best choice. This proved correct. From my initial approach, I found them friendly, attentive and easy to work with. The consultation process was also easy and stress free, providing me with the best solution and product recommendations. Upon accepting the quote the installation process was very fast and hassle free with Harrisons' taking care of every detail. However, it didn't stop there with Harrisons' also providing excellent after sales service, making sure that everything meet my expectations and to answer any questions I may have. The whole process was fast, easy and stress free and I would definitely recommend their services to anyone considering installing solar power.

Rohan Hasemore

Lower Hutt 

Great professional service Daryl Zuppicich was very helpful

Peter Malton


Very good pre-sales communications, well explained options. (Nerum). Installers very efficient, well organised to a system and tidy

David Hulme


Excellent product and support - very knowledgable and easy to deal with. Highly recommend Greg and the whole team.

Peter and Kylie Marsh


Laura and the guys were awesome. Callum who installed the system with his off sider did a great job. They even helped out with unisons upgrade at the pole. The whole experience from plans to sign off was well within time frames and one that now sees us with a system generously reducing our monthly power bills. Very very happy

Sandra & Greg Currie


Having just had our solar system installed I would like to congratulate Guy and Nikki Jacobson from Harrisons Energy Tasman for running a very efficient business. The whole process from initial consultation and being kept in the loop on time frames for various different things that had to happen along the way. There efficiency with dealing with power providers, meter installation, inspectors and the necessary certification is all very seamless and is absolutely stress free. Basically, if they said something was going to happen in a certain timeframe it did! Their choice of installers is also spot on. They arrived when they said they would, worked efficiently and left absolutely no rubbish or packaging behind. I personally love dealing with efficient and successful businesses like this and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of installing solar.

Brett and Tania


Thanks Harrisons. We are very pleased with our new solar panels. We chose Harrisons due to your high quality products and reliable backup if we need it. We had dome minor issues with our hot water timer which was sorted quickly by Adam. Our power bill has reduced from $240 in December to $14.79 in February

Megan and Lisa


Wanted to say we were really impressed with Adrian for our solar install. He gave excellent advice, the install all went smoothly and everything just works the way it should. We were also really happy with the Trustpower deal that gave us the 16c buyback rate. My calculations were that the system should pay for itself within 6 years and the 4 years interest free made it a no-brainer. Cheers for the excellent service.

Steven Martin

Steven Martin 

I've been dealing with Nerum Bonesetter. From the day he arrived he presented the Solar Package I would need. He gave me a lot of information. As I had researched about Solar Panels I was familiar about much of what he had to tell me. But his concise presentation and his manner, I really felt I was in good hands giving him my order. Every time I had a question I have rung him, and he was friendly and answered all. The process went as he had said. I had no problems with the install or with the technicians who came. A very professional install. I highly recommend Nerum and his team

David Johnstone


This is the second time I've used Nerum and his team. Another great job. Fast response and quick installation. Very happy.

Jeet Prasad


Just some positives from my solar. Last 2 months all my power and 80% of gas paid by solar. I am basically only paying Trust Power for the broadband

Phill and Stacey Brown


We had 9 panels and a Primo inverter (3.1KW) system installed around a month ago. Our last power bill dropped (from 2019) from to $75 down from $165 and this included a number of cloudy days! The service has been top-notch, with no hassles. Harrisons looked after us!"

Paul Talarico


A well deserved 5 stars for Harrisons Energy Solutions and Owner/Operator Conan Carter in particular. Thorough and prompt communication from start to finish was the norm, with today being the first operational day for our new solar system. Expert and efficient electricians installed the entire system in under 12 hours over two consecutive days, which I thought was quite impressive. I have no doubts either, that Harrisons Energy Solutions will be providing top after sales support should I have any problems or questions over the lifetime of our system. Thanks Conan!

Yvonne Watson


We would highly recommend Guy & Nikki. Everything explained well & installation went without a hitch. All installation staff really friendly & did a wonderful job. Would have no hesitation in recommending Harrisons Solar Marlborough. Thanks guys for everything

Katikati Bowling Club

Katikati, Bop 

The club is one of the most recognised bowling clubs around the BOP. They own their own land and building and each year they look at what they can spend their money on. This year they looked at solar energy as the club is open during the day and not at night. It made sense to reduce the power bill and invest in solar energy

The club has installed 30 x Panasonic 290w panels = 8.7kw with a Fronius 8.2kw inverter

House of the Year Nominee Jonathan

Paerata Rise 

Harrisons Solar Nerum Bonesetter chats to home owner and House of the Year Nominee Jonathan about his new Harrisons Solar System in Paerata Rise.

Key details of this install:

  • 12 x premium LG Neon 2 365w solar panels
  • 5kw Fronius Primo inverter

Angela & Rex Brown


We are very pleased to have chosen Harrison’s Energy Solutions - Waikato to install our farm solar system. The service from start to finish was impressive, professional and personal. The installation team were well organised, clearly as the result of excellent communication from Greg and Julie. The post-installation visit was so important and as a result we have been able to monitor the system performance from day one. Our experience has changed the way we use our appliances and power consumption in general and consequently our monthly power account is a pleasure to receive. GO SOLAR.

Hurunui College


Hurunui College were converting from old coal boilers to heat pumps – so needed a solution for power. Solar seemed a good fit for them as the main power used is during the day. Power costs are now a huge cost to the school, so long term savings and the renewable energy of Solar where a great fit.

The College has installed - 88 x 290w Panasonic panels - total system size is 25kW + a Fronius Eco inverter which is also 25kW.

Drew Rennie


We have had 18 solar panels installed in 2 stages. Our power bill has shrunk even though it's winter. We are very happy with our investment and the quality service of Harrisons!

Brian Wood


So far the panels have performed better than I expected and this is through winter so cant wait for summer

Tim Kelly

Upper Moutere 

The service from Harrisons has been great - initial contact was really informative about the operation of the solar system and the installation process was very smooth. Since then my system of 16 panels and battery has worked well (and kept me going through an extended powercut). What has been really appreciated is the follow-up service from Guy and Nikki who both have a genuine desire to ensure that the system continues to work as it should be and that I'm getting the best deal from the power company.



We are really impressed with both of our solar panel and I-vent systems installed by Carl’s Team. Our home feels much drier and warmer with the I vent. Our new solar panels have nearly halved our monthly power bill (we got them installed in autumn) and the app is fantastic and easy to read and understand. Their staff are efficient, polite, knowledgeable and they even take their rubbish away! We also appreciate they are available to further questions well after installation. We would definitely recommend “Harrisons” to everybody

Trevor and Pam


We first met the Harrison's Solar crew when they were installing the solar system in a friends home. They were very friendly and answered any questions that we asked. As we were in the early stages of building, we decided to approach Harrison's about installing the system plus battery in our new home.

Over the next two years of building, they kept us up to date on any changes in the solar panel and battery prices and latest models. Within a few days of advising them we were ready for installation of the panels and then the battery they were on site and got the job done.

We have been in our new home for just over a month now and have free power for up to half a day in the winter time, which is great. Can't wait to see how it works in the summer now.

Mark & Debbie


We were keen to get Solar energy and contacted Harrisons for the project. Four things impressed us. First, Carl and Sian were very clear in explaining the various options, decoding all the jargon so we did not feel like numpties, clearing up any misconceptions we had. We felt entirely comfortable through the decision-making process, and were very happy moving forward. Second, the equipment we ended up with is elegant, robust, and frankly enhances the appearance of our house - in particular, the Tesla Powerwalls look better than any kitchenware we have. Third, the installation team was very precise and exacting, and every detail is completely perfect - we literally cannot find anything that is ill-fitting or jars. In addition, they were a polite and pleasant team to deal with over the day, and did a timely install despite winter weather and a challenging location. Fourth, Carl and Sian are a pleasure to deal with in terms of logistics and business matters, with clear and timely responses. We recommend this team +++


Ken Millward


G’day Nikki and Guy

Many thanks for the wonderful service you provided us with your recent sale and installation of your Harrisons solar panel system to our Motueka house.

We really appreciated how prompt you were, how you kept us fully informed every step along the way and how pleasant everyone of your people have been to deal with.

Our system is up and running perfectly and we are looking forward to substantial electricity savings.

Kind regards,

Bernadette Staal


An Excellent Company offering World Class Products and Services. I have been a client of Harrisons now for several years. I have two of their products, Solar and i-vent. I highly recommend both products and I always recommend people deal with Harrisons. When I was looking for a Solar solution, I wanted the best technology my money could buy. I did my homework and then I was lucky enough to come across Andrew McNabb, who filled in the spaces for me. He confirmed the technology provided by Harrisons was of the highest standard and with me being a "Buy New Zealand" made advocate, I was pleased to see their partnership with a New Zealand company, providing world class Inverters. The purchase and installation were seamless from my side. The technical team who installed this system where friendly and efficient and our relationship has extended to them now becoming my personal Electricians. My second purchase from Harrisons was their i-vent, home ventilation system. I was sick of "crying windows”. Again, I did my homework and I found Harrisons came out on top. I give you my honest assurance my condensation issues were gone the day the i-vent was installed. I have never regretted my decision to go with Harrisons. Months may go past between communications with Andrew McNabb but he immediately remembers me and like the products that he sells, his service is first class. If you are looking for quality products matched with excellent Customer Service, a provider who does not push their client to buy this or buy that, then you will do yourself a favour by dealing with Harrisons. I am waiting for my next opportunity to do business with them because I know I matter and my business matters. Thank you for this opportunity to offer feedback.

Nicholas and Penelope Roberts


Honest, local, professional. Highly recommended.

Helen & Phil


Harrison’s were a great find for our family. Laura and her team gave their all when it came to the explaining/purchasing and ultimately the fitting of our solar panels. Very fast instalment time and unfortunately we went into lockdown before they could be turned on however we were always kept in the loop and as soon as lockdown was over the big turn on took place. Thank you to everyone involved.

Peter Gudopp


Good service with great price, solar panels look awesome.

David and Tina


The system you installed is exceeding our expectations and we are very happy.

Wayne Hart​​


Very happy with Harrison’s, every thing happened on the dates advised. Installers were efficient and friendly. System is working great. Encountered no problems at all.

Geoff Lowe


Early on in the process of planning our new Jalcon build in Hobsonville, we decided to add solar to the roof and a battery in the garage. The mid-term plan was to replace one of the cars with an EV so we wanted to be set up for it. We approached Harrisons and one other supplier for quotes. At the end of the day, there was only one player in the game. Dan Brebner at Harrisons was great to work with. He gave us great advice and as a bonus, the price was the best of the two.

There are four parties that needed to coordinate for the solar and battery installation - the Jalcon project manager, the Jalcon sparky, the home automation crowd and, of course, Harrisons. We were really impressed with the way Dan and the team communicated and collaborated on our behalf with all other parties. The process was completely trouble free.

We’ve now had the system for a year and we couldn’t be happier. I love watching the Tesla app to check on the power we’re generating, using, storing and selling back to the grid. Our average power bills dropped from $500 a month at our previous house to an annual average of $150 a month in the new house. It was a little higher in winter and a lot lower in summer - the bill for January this year was $33.48. December was $45.16. That covers four of us and we’re running a spa pool and a fully ducted A/C system. Plus we are now finally driving on sunlight!

Carolyn and Chris

Palmerston North 

Andrew and the team did a good job. Had some delays with installation but were fairly compensated for the inconvenience. We had good communication and were able to get a solution that suited our situation. Thanks... Nice work!

Steve & Leallen


The decision to go with Harrisons was easy. After a couple of presentations from other vendors it was clear to us that Harrisons whilst not the cheapest had by far the best overall system and after sales backup. Their installers are great too, nothings a problem.

We initially had LG panels with optimisers mated to a solar edge inverter but a year later decided to add a battery. To anyone considering a Tesla battery they are amazing and somewhat addictive.

With a little management of your loads during the day it is possible particularly in summer to be 100% efficient 24hrs a day for months with Nelson sunshine. Everything going great. Pools at 28 degrees…bliss.

We couldn’t be happier and so pleased we chose Guy and Nikki at Harrisons



Had three previous quotes but went with Harrisons because of the way Carl assessed our situation and came up with a design that seems to be working well so far. No-one else offers warrantees like this either. Whole process was smooth and quick.

Prentice and Claire


Quick to respond to our initial enquiry. Installed within the timeframe promised. Great at responding to all our questions along the way ..... even ones in the late evening! Very pleased with the service and product. Significant savings made on our power bills already

Brenna and Andrew


We are thrilled with our new solar panels from Harrison’s Energy Tasman. Guy was fantastic from day one, he showed such professionalism and expertise that made the process simple and efficient. Their service was second to none and through every process, they kept us informed and ensured we were happy and understood absolutely everything.

Together Guy and Nikki made the entire installation seamless and we truely appreciate their attention to detail. We follow our panels through an app on our phone that they walked us through and they continue to touch base with us to ensure any questions are answered.

Thanks Guy & Nikki!

Alan and Leigh


My wife Leigh and I have been tracking the development of residential solar energy for over 20 years. Now retired and living on conservative investments, early this year (2019) we recognised our time to install a system in our Rapaura Blenheim home had come. Solar panel technology and cost had fallen considerably, grid power costs had risen consistently and alternative investment yields had fallen and forecasts suggested they would continue to do so. Backup battery technology and cost were anticipated to improve over the next few years. Fortunately we had recorded our power costs monthly over a three year period and therefore we could calculate potential financial payback and well as environmental social benefits.

We contacted several potential providers. We selected Guy Jacobson and his wife Nikki, Harrisonsons Energy Solutions Tasman . They gave us a very professional presentation of their products and the procedures involved. We wanted top line high wattage panels, a quiet inverter from a main line provider and a team of experienced installers and a competitive price. We sought references from others who had installations completed by Guy and Nikki. All were highly complimentary.

Their quotation was competitive. Not the lowest but given the quality of the products provided well worth the little bit extra.We selected LG NeON2 345W panels, SolarEdge PV inverter with SolarEdge Optimizer. All first line recognised products.

We cannot speak more highly of the installation crew. They tackled our Monier spanish concrete tiles perfectly with only one tile broken. They finished the installation within two days and left everything clean and tiedy. Their teamwork was exceptional.

With our system up and running we are going to achieve at least a 10% annual return on our funds invested.

As you can imagine we are very satisfied customers and know we are in good hands with Guy,Nikki and Harrisons

Dave and Kathy

Upper Hutt 

Thoroughly impressed by the knowledge and professionalism shown by everyone involved. Everything was explained, and - most importantly - they did what they said they were going to do, when they said they were going to do it! A relatively rare occurrence in the world of tradesmen! Getting this done has been so easy - all we had to do was be there (and pay the bills!).

Tom and Lailaa


We had Greg Foster install our solar system and it was done with ease and efficiency. However, the best thing has been Greg's after sales support. It's easy to sell something but it's the after sales input that really matters and here is where Greg has been fantastic - always available to answer quires and sorted out the initial teething problems without a fuss.

Suzanne and Nigel Smith

West Auckland 

Dan Brebner was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. He made every effort to ensure that work was done to a high quality and kept us informed throughout all aspects of the work. He was quick to respond to our texts and emails.

Tesla Powerwall Install – Les and Christine Newman


Les and Christine installed and LG solar system a year ago and earlier this year added a Tesla Powerwall 2 battery.

“We decided to fit solar panels after speaking to friends who have had them in their house for a few years. We added a Tesla Power Wall 2 to take advantage of the surplus generation over demand so that we can power our home day and night. The bonus is we can now charge our Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV overnight from the solar power stored. This has worked out better than we expected and most spring, summer and autumn months we have small power bills of around $20. And in winter we have halved our previous power bills. Would we recommend solar panels and a battery? Yes, as the monthly savings we have made show a far better return than having the money in the bank and the interest you would earn from the bank is taxed whereas the savings from the solar panels is tax free.

Another bonus is that we are protected from power cuts on the grid.”

Nigel Soakell


I dealt with Nerum Bonesetter, for the sales, design and planning of the installation, and cannot fault his attention to detail or customer service. He is extremely responsive at returning phone calls and emails and went beyond what I would have expected as was still responding to emails after hours. I found that he knew the products well and understood the technical aspects as was able to provide good advice why one system or design was better than the other but also back that advice up with solid technical evidence. I found the costs were reasonable and Nerum was transparent in what was being charged, so there were no surprises at the end of it all and he project managed everything. The installation was done through his subcontracted electrician's and I found Siraz and his crew easy to deal with, they were efficient at their job, knew what they were doing and did a tidy job, there was a couple of small issues but Siraz quickly resolved those. Overall it was a very positive and painless experience and I'm very happy with the results and we are now enjoying the benefits of our Solar Panels. We also got a Solar Immersion controller so that excess electricity produced by the panels is used to heat the hot water cylinder and based on my tests of with and without it, it does make a discernible difference, so would recommend that anyone putting in solar ask and read-up about that and self- consumption. Its far better and more economic to utilize the electricity you produce yourself than sell it back to the grid for a small amount of money. I'd highly recommend Nerum and his team for design, planning and installing a Solar installation, they are experience and very professional and good at what they do.



We decided to invest in solar and a home battery, and looked online for trusted solar suppliers and installers. We opted for Harrisons and were so glad we did. From comprehensive quote and timely communication to expert installation. We didn't have to lift a finger and couldn't be happier with the end result. We are contemplating an additional battery and wouldn't trust anyone but Harrisons to install it.

Marie Rogers


Excellent service from Greg and his team (Denise is a super star), kept me well informed through out the whole process and all really great to deal with. Any questions answered quickly. Very impressed with the system I have received. Thank you very much for the great service and awesome system.



I also wanted to mention that the teams were great. Each and every one of them was friendly, VERY careful with the property, cleaned up, polite, etc. You can't wish for better tradespeople - it was a pleasure having them here! THANK YOU!’

Karen Greenbrook

West Auckland 

We are very happy with our solar energy system, it’s much better than we ever anticipated. As we live in a rural area we used to frequently get power cuts, from storms or road accidents but that is a thing of the past, not experienced a power outage this year.

We run an electric car, Nissan leaf, and are still often off the grid!

Can’t speak highly enough about the installation, love it.



Going solar and battery was a long term decision for us, especially as the price of batteries is still up there and pushed payback out...although our consideration was more from a sustainability perspective. So living in Southland meant we needed, with winter in mind, good solar extraction and a battery was always a no brainer for utilisation of stored power outside of sun hours. Therefore it was important to us to have the best of breed in products (which we established from our own research) and people we could trust to delivery and support us for the duration. Harrisions had the best products available and from their contact centre to their local franchisees service was excellent plus researching the company confirmed that they're here for the long haul. Andrew and Blake (the franchisees) were brilliant and very easy to deal with; the kept us up to date, responded to queries and got the job down. Now our system is up and running we are thrilled, amazed at the sun collection on day's I think it there is nothing, the battery is just amazing and grid power use has dropped...and during autumn we went many a day with no grid power use at all. Additionally our own behaviour has changed because we tend to be more power conscious and conservative with use. Final all I have left is to wait out my existing power provider contract to expire so we can switch to one that has time based power (low cost and low peak) allowing us to top the battery up at low cost times during the winter (it's that clever) and pays a higher grid payment...for summer went feeding the grid.

Patrick McDonald

Lower Hutt 

The system seems to be working well.. .and I've enjoyed watching the generation through the app!

The whole process has been very well organised and straightforward, including the installation. Communication has been great and responsive. The guys who did the install were very professional and courteous - great service all round. So thanks to you all... and we'll be back in touch for a battery at some point

Deiree Heather


Our old 1920 bungalow, insulated to every inch possible, + grunty woodburner + heatpump + radiators, (+water), resulted in avg monthly bill across calendar year 1 April 2016 to 30 june 2017,of $240 per month.

We're currently tracking in the new house $60 p/month, full utilities incl. gas for hot water. In terms of actual power, about $48 p/mth. Different running costs, eg, septic system, water tank pumps, pool pump + pool heat pump. Overall super happy, and the storage has made a difference.

We'll get through a full winter and see where we're at, but pretty happy so far :)

Mike and Janet


We have just finished building our new house and from the outset we had planned to have solar power installed. Well before the plans were drawn up we started researching different solar power companies for quotes. We particularly liked the idea of having a Tesla battery for power storage as they are very compact in design rather than the bulky lead acid battery combinations on offer and they were just coming onto the market in New Zealand.

When we first met Brad he said Harrisons could offer a Tesla battery as part of a solar installation and the price quoted was very favourable when compared to other companies. Brad was able to answer all our questions and we were impressed with his knowledge of what would be best for us. Therefore it was easy to choose to go with Harrisons.

As our solar system was going to be incorporated into the building our house, we bombarded Brad with many questions that were sent by email e.g. where should the Tesla battery be placed, where does the inverter go, how big was the Tesla battery, where will the cables go into the walls, how many solar panels would we need, how are the panels fixed to the roof etc, etc. the list was endless. Brad always answered our questions usually by return or within a day if he had to find out an answer for us. He always came up with an answer for us and with his help and knowledge we ensured that our house was ready for the solar installation. We really appreciated his service in giving quick responses, attention to details and keeping in touch with us throughout the build process.

The installation of the solar system went quickly and without a hitch and Brad’s team of installers did a great job. All credit to them and Brad for helping us getting everything right first time.

We have no hesitation in recommending Brad and his team.

Alun Hughes



Phillip and Christine


We have had solar panels installed on our roof. I did my homework and spoke to another couple of companies... but finally decided on Harrisons....they are a major company in NZ ....carpets and a lot of other things....and we decided on Harrisons because their local representitive...a guy called Brad Horne...was incredible...he is a local in the Hawkes Bay and he came around and discussed everything with us...with good advice and what we could expect out of panels on the roof....costs...and expected salesman talk just honest advice...well we went ahead ...and its the best thing we ever did.......our power bills have been reduced by over 70%...and if we manage use of power.....which Brad has helped us with we use appliances at the best time of the day...winter and summer...its amazing...and by the way it adds value to your property

The installation was done quickly efficiently and professionally......and another advantage is that the service is on going.....if there is a problem....which there hasnt been...other than how to read the daily savings on our Ipads or cell phones.....Brad is always there....either at the end of his phone....or even comes around to see us to explain to us ...and we arent that brilliant when it comes to techno things....buts its not really techno....its simple....and we dont have to do anything other than get a big surprise when our power bill comes through

I think...its the best thing we did....and Brad Horne is a wonderful gentleman to deal with....just do wont regret it.

Les Newman


We have just installed 13 LG panels September 18 and Tesla Power Wall on January 8th cost $29000 halved power bill with panels alone but with battery we are never on grid. So return on investment well over double that if we had money on term deposit we also have a PHEV Outlander so recharge that from the system which means all local car trips cost zero running costs

Harrisons agent Daryl Zuppicich was great with fantastic follow up and Jake the installer was brilliant and extremely tidy
As a footnote this month we expect a credit on our power account not a bill

Annie & Warrick


We were very impressed with Brad from Harrison’s Energy from the outset. Brad is a great communicator and proved to be professional and a man of his word. He was willing to travel to visit our rural home to assess what system would best suit us and our needs. He gave us excellent advice and provided us with comprehensive knowledge of the different options available to us, enabling truly informed decision making. Brad was able to work out the optimal output of solar for our home, gave us an on-site quote, and we are rapt with the savings already. The tradespeople Brad uses were also amazing - efficient installation; respectful and friendly guys. We are thrilled with the Harrison System and love the monitoring app which helps us to best optimise our savings. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harrison’s and Brad Horne to anyone.

Many thanks, A Very Happy Customer

Shane Spring

Te Awamutu 

Thanks for the excellent service and we are very happy with our system and will happily recommend you to our friends.



The Tesla battery installation went smoothly......thanks to a very professional and personable team. We felt consulted on the day as to options, the best solutions to our wiring were negotiated and the site left clean and fully functional in under four hours. Have been very happy with both the battery and the software since. Performance has far exceeded expectations, and the built in smart meter has guided additional energy saving to the point we have been fully self sufficient since installation with the added security of essential back up in the event of an outage. Recommended!

Jenny and Neil


Your agents Andrew and Blake from Winton were really awesome, efficient and professional, I was amazed at how quickly the installation was completed. We structure our power usage around when the solar panels are producing power, we had the guys install a timer for the hot water so it only heats between 9.30 and 4.30pm when the panels are producing power, and our water is still very hot in the morning for showers. (No night boost has been necessary) Led bulbs throughout the house and a good thermos purchased to store hot water for drinks throughout the day and evening (electric jugs use a lot of power) We use all the power we need , but are mindful of wastage and the result is a $34.00 power account. (awesome) We have recommended your product to friends with 3 referrals and one installed so far. Our intention is to install a battery when funds allow, so we can be self sufficient and in charge of our utility account completely, I would just like the battery to be more affordable, maybe an incentive 5 successful installation referrals qualifies for a generous discount

Brian Hulse

New Plymouth 

Top marks for service. Very prompt replies with full answers and suggestions. No question was too much trouble or too basic. I always got answers and explanations that I could understand. No pushy marketing with different options offered and discussed. Communication was via both email and telephone as well as face to face. One answer to an email query was within half an hour. Excellent service & I am already recommending Harrisons (Andrew in particular) to others.

Maureen and Steve Scott


Excellent service. Experienced and knowledgeable staff. Carter explained everything in detail so we understood exactly how their solar systems work and the benefits it would have for us. He gave us pricing options and gave us the choice based on our needs and our budget. The whole process from the introduction to the install was quick and well organised. I would definitely recommend them to anyone considering a solar system for their home.


Churton Park 

The guys who did the install were brilliant. Very fast and hard working. They were even mindful of my young children which is more than I could have asked for. We were very happy with the install process."

Rob Birnie


Daryl and his team were able to procure and install a Tesla Powerwall 2 at my home, and integrate it with my existing solar power system. They worked hard, talked me through the process and kept at it in freezing wind until the job was done. The performance of the system is unparalleled and my home is running almost entirely off the grid. Great work!



We had both a heat pump and solar panels installed. Everyone involved was great to deal with, great communication, very tidy installers, and the job was done on the days arranged. Overall we are very pleased and we would highly recommend Harrison’s to anyone who was looking to install these products.

Tim Jackson


Great Service, good products and excellent advise on the options

John and Pamela


We had discussed the possibility of installing solar panels for some time and did quite a bit of market research into this, as well as getting various quotes.

Harrisons were one of the cheaper, and having met Brad, with his in depth knowledge of the panels, the fact that Harrisons have superior panels to others on the market and his in depth explanation of the workings and benefits of solar power, convinced us to go ahead. Brad oversaw the whole process and the installation team were also great.

Only 2 weeks have passed and already we can see the savings on our power account mounting!

Dumindu Sundara


We had a really good experience working with Daryl from Harrison Energy for Solar. Our installation was for a new build and Daryl was able to work with us earlier on in the process to seamlessly integrate different components into our plan at different stages of the build. Communication was excellent and he was always very quick to respond - clear and comprehensive responses (being new to solar we had 101 questions that were patiently answered). The final product looks clean and tidy and we are really happy with how it turned out. The installers, Jake and his team were very professional and good to work with. Overall very happy with our experience



Awesome service from Dan and the installation contractors! Really appreciate how easy the whole process has been to get solar up and running! I also got them to do my underfloor insulation & I am already saving $100 month on my power bill which has cut my bill in half, so I could not be happier! Thanks so much!

John & Pam Bigwood

Algies Bay 

We were so impressed with the way you did the solar panels, and where you put the inverter and placed the electrical work.

Rik and Johan

Upper Hutt 

It was a pleasure working with Daryl from Harrisons energy Solutions. While we did have some experience with solar panel installations overseas, he gave us some localised advice (Wellington!) that we appreciated very much.

What we appreciated even more was his flexibility and kindness when we had to postpone the installation because of personal circumstances. It was a pleasure doing business with him, and we would certainly recommend his services to anyone wanting to install solar panels in the region.

Janine Waller


Thank you very much. The solar is working well. Our bill came in at $97. Next one will be a full solar bill so will be even better. For a family of 5, that’s good. thanks again.



Bobbie recently purchased a 3.6kW LG solar system from Nerum, one of our Auckland business owners:

“We are very happy with the performance of our system so far even though it has only been running for just over a month. We have had many cloudy/rainy days since it was switched on and still we are producing a decent amount of power. We received our first power bill a couple of days ago and it is about half what it usually is so we are very pleased.

The visit you made to us to provide information and pricing was very professional and you demonstrated an excellent knowledge of solar energy and the options that would best suit us. Installation of our system was quicker than expected and done very professionally. The tradespersons left our premises clean and tidy when they were finished and showed me what the inverter did and how it worked. Overall we are very happy with the service, installation and power production." Nov 17

Gary and Deb Hill


Jacob was extremely patient and helpful, explaining the alternatives available and process of conversion to solar thoroughly. He also provided suggestions about how to best use our system for further savings. Even though we installed our system just before one of the wettest winters I can remember, we're already seeing considerable savings. Oct 2017

Gladstone Primary School

Mt Albert 

Gladstone Primary School - Judith Howe - "Very proud to be another step forward in our sustainability journey" and to be "educating our children and creating a huge awareness of what can be done with Solar Power"

Patrick Gleeson


Daryl was so easy to deal with. EVERYTHING was taken care of. The contractors who installed the solar system were excellent. The whole process was smooth and well worth it. Oct 17

Sandra and John Stapleton


All completed to a very high standard. Excellent customer service. Thanks to Carter. Oct 17

Sheila Munro


We found Nerum very open and he explained our options fully. From the time we decided to go ahead with the installation, all we had to do was change our power supplier to one who buys back excess solar energy - Nerum did all the rest. We are very happy with the whole transaction and are looking forward to receiving our first (smaller) power bill. Thanks Nerum. Oct 17

Gil and Carol Dudley


We have found Andrew & Blake at Harrisons to be extremely efficient with quoting (giving us several option) and helpful with completing the paper work. They installed the solar panels and electrical work in a morning and had already organised for the meter to be changed over so this was done within a few days of the job completion also. We would certainly recommend them as they were not pushy and allowed us to make up our own mind. We are looking forward to our reduced power account and may one day go off the grid. Oct 17

Martyn and Linda Cox


Very professional service from first enquiry through to installation of our solar power system. Great service from Bruce Emerson, Franchise owner of Harrisons Energy Solutions Hawke's Bay and Installers Rodger and Carol of CR Electrical Ltd Gisborne. Oct 17

Bevan and Dellena Austin


Team made the whole process easy. James Elliot was excellent good product knowledge awesome customer service. Oct 17

Den Ouden


In March we installed a solar system for Mrs Den Ouden in Wanganui. Her main motivation to go solar was to be able to harness the sun's power to generate power to run her home and save money on her power bills for the next 25+ years.

We installed a 3.42 kW system using 12 premium LG 285w Mono X panels with a Solar Edge Inverter with optimizers under each panel for maximum output. She upgraded the inverter to 5kW so in the future it will be easy to add more panels if required and a battery.

Even on a cloudy but light day in September her system produced over 18 kWh, so we are expecting to see some great results over the summer months.

Sept 2017



I'd like to compliment Harrison’s Energy Solutions on the excellent service that has been provided to us while we have had our solar system installed.

After seeing your stall at the home show, we were quickly followed up after we showed interest in your product. Right from the start we were given plenty of information about the system itself and communication was always excellent regarding appointment times and installation dates. Both Daryl’s and Steve's professionalism and ability to get to the job done quickly exceeded my expectations. We initially chose your solar system because it offered the best price on the market, but we soon appreciated your attention to detail and helpful customer service.

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You can be sure that I will recommend Harrison’s Energy Solutions to anybody that is considering getting solar panels for their home.



Just to express how impressed we were by the professional attitude of the gentlemen sent to install the solar panels. Efficient and obviously knew what they were doing, most reassuring to a customer. Not every trades person treats an older female customer so politely and as though they might understand most of what they are talking about. It was appreciated! And they left the work place clean and tidy.

Robert and Daphne


When my wife and I decided to go Solar energy, we contacted a number of companies to meet with us and discuss our requirements.

Harrisons was the only company which actually took time to go over the various options available and listen to us. We felt involved in the process and appreciated the time to design a solution that matched our needs.

The entire process was a good experience for us. We ended up with a price competitive system and working with people that cared about what we as customers wanted,

We are happy to recommend Harrisons and our experience with them has been outstanding. There is a reason why we tell our friends that Harrisons are number 1 in solar. They listen, they care, and they deliver.

Wes and Laraine Marsh


Having thought and talked about installing Solar Power for sometime, we contacted Dan Brebner at Harrisons Energy for help in how to go about the installation of Solar panels.

Dan explained to us about Solar Energy and all the different aspects of it. He pointed out how the energy is stored and what would be the best options for us. His explanations were very clear and precise and we were given different options and how they would effect us.

We decided which options we preferred and asked Dan to go ahead with a quote which we decided to accept.

We did to have to do anything, as Dan took care of everything. It seems a very complicated procedure but Dan knew exactly what had to be done and everything was done correctly first time.

We have no hesitation in recommending Dan Brebner as his knowledge and manner are totally professional. Very happy and Very satisfied - Thanks Dan.

Wes and Laraine - Auckland - April 2017

Noeleen and Bev Tucker


I would like to give some feedback about our solar installation. We are so thrilled with it and how it's making a difference to our power bills each month. I don't believe we could have earned the same amount of interest on the amount we outlaid for the installation, compared to the savings in power a/c's each month (that's the way we are looking at it, rather than 'when will we get our money back'). The other thing of note is the SUPERB service, help and guidance we received from James Elliot - he was fantastic from start to finish and I would not hesitate to recommend him as salesperson of the year! :o)

Keep up the good work Harrisons, and thank you from Noelene and Bev. - April 2017

Sharyn Lear


"Everyone from Harrisons that we had any contact with were very pleasant, informative and service couldn't have been better. Like to specially thank the installer. He went to extra trouble to install the inverter in garage so it couldn't be seen"

Steve Hansen


We used Harrisons expertise to be guided on the best system for us. The LG / SolarEdge combination was perfect. ‘Even when I am away overseas, I can see how the house is running via an app on my phone’ as the SolarEdge system comes complete with cloud-based monitoring systems.

Joan and Bill McFlinn


Joan and Bill decided to install solar as "we were looking towards retirement and to make savings." "The surprise is, to be honest, that in an overcast day it is still generating power, which is amazing".


Mission Bay 

Harrisons recently installed a solar energy system and loft insulation at our home in Mission Bay. We were very impressed with the service and the end result. We dealt with Dan Brebner, who I think must be one of the most organised and reliable people I've met. The initial consultation was unhurried and informative. There was no pressure. The work was then carried out efficiently, to a very high standard, by pleasant people who left no mess. Dan then monitored the system, gave us feedback, and checked we were happy. The entire experience was excellent.

Chris - Mission Bay - Nov 2015

Francine Shields

SPCA Whangarei 

At the SPCA "we try to be environmentallly friendly as we have to all live in the same environment". Harrisons helped with "understanding our situation and appreciating that need to be very careful with our funds".

Jo and Richard Graham

Ponsonby, Auckland 

Jo & Richard have just completed a major rennovation on their stunning Ponsonby Villa. ‘We have two small children so future proofing the house was really important to us’.

Zane Raphael

Greenhithe, Auckland 

Zane and Suzanne have recently achieved a 10 HomestarDesign rating for the final stages of their home renovation. Their solar install was a critical requirement in this process but also something they were passionate about.

Bill Vakasiuola

Papakura, Auckland 

Bill researched solar carefully and is thrilled to be saving up to 40% on his monthly power bill. ‘I am excited with the product and all the service that went with it.

Dave and Megan Longland

Mt Albert, Auckland 

With a family of 6 at home, power was a significant monthly cost and so Dave and Megan investigated Solar. ‘ We will be saving around $1000 each year with our solar system’.

Gail Lye


We have just recently had solar power installed and I would like to say how impressed I was with the service we received from Carter. He was just great, always keeping us informed about progress and nothing was a problem. It is so great to have a sales person who does keep in contact and keep you in the loop. This is something that is very rare these days. Over all we have had a great experience with your company and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you in the future.



Firstly let me compliment you on the two installers that arrived this morning. Both Zane & Hayden are a great asset to your business, friendly outgoing guys who took time before they started work to make sure I was aware of what would be done where and most importantly why, and it was all conveyed in a manner I could understand, site was left clean and tidy, small things, I know, but we have had a number of contractors on site in the last 3 months and they could really do with taking a leaf out of your staffs books.

Bev, thank you for juggling your work schedule this week to fit our install in, it really was appreciated.

I would definitely be happy to recommend everyone involved to any prospective clients.

Thank you again.


Remuera, Auckland 

I just want to say Jason and his team did an amazing job and were all very professional and courteous.

This is the best job that I have seen by any tradespeople that have worked on our property.

We would strongly recommend Harrisons and I have already given a referral to you.

With very best wishes.

Judith Clarke

Glenfield, Auckland 

I’d like to take this opportunity to let you know that this has been a very painless process for us, and yourself have been very helpful and professional.

We are very pleased with our solar installation. We would be happy to recommend Harrisons to anyone looking for a solar panel installation - please can you pass this on to all concerned. Thank you for your help.

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