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Our guide to going solar in 2024


We’ve helped thousands of Kiwis reap the benefits of home solar over the past few years - in 2024, it’s your turn!

A home solar energy system will help you reduce your carbon footprint, gain energy independence, and enjoy some massive long-term financial wins. Our solar experts have put together this handy guide on the hows and whys of going solar in 2024.

How solar power works

Solar panels (PV panels) contain photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight and convert it into energy. The energy is then passed through an inverter, which converts it into electricity that can be used to power homes, businesses, or be fed into the grid. High quality solar panels will produce electricity even in winter and on overcast days.

The actual costs and long-term savings

Given that the cost of solar panels has decreased by more than 80% in the past 20 years, it has never been more affordable to go solar. 

Solar installations have become progressively cheaper, because solar panel technology has become more powerful. If you install a system that matches your home’s current energy needs, it will cost roughly equivalent to 7-9 years of electricity bills. After this ‘payback period’, you’ll essentially be only using ‘free’ power.

Here’s an example of the net financial impact of a Harrisons Solar installation on a Kiwi home.

*This is an example only generated from "OpenSolar" software using a low energy user, not to be relied upon as individual circumstances vary. *1

Want to lean more about the cost of solar?

How installation works

The size of the team who comes to install your solar panels will partly depend on the size of your system but it will usually include our expert electrician and their solar panel installer. Most fittings can be completed in a day or two, and all you need to do on the day is make sure that the team can have safe access to all the areas involved in installing the panels such as gardens, paths, loft, roof, switchboard as well as electricity supply. Read up on our full installation process here.

Why early 2024 is the most advantageous time to go solar

1. The technology is better than ever. After years of research and testing, Harrisons exclusively partner with Qcells, the #1 premium solar brand in all key global markets. Qcells offer the most robust 25 year build and performance warranty in the industry, and their panels are incredibly high-performing. Check out their brand new panel using the latest in solar tech: the QTron! Also, solar batteries are now extremely efficient and accessible. Learn about how batteries are making solar power more affordable than ever here.

2. New Zealand household energy bills have steadily increased by 3% per year in recent years, and are set to double by 2028, whereas the price of a solar energy system will likely decrease. So, the average payback period will only continue to shorten over the coming years!. Why not start saving now?

3. 2023 saw a series of extreme weather events hit New Zealand, causing mass power outages. With climate scientists predicting that such events will increase in frequency in the coming years, independence from the grid has never seemed more attractive! Here’s how solar panels and batteries can help you weather any storm.

4 .Harrisons customers currently get the best buy-back rate in the country! Get our BIG 18c buy-back rate when you install with Harrisons Solar & join Mercury on a new 2 year residential electricity contract. Details here

Now is the time to maximise your solar savings - take advantage of our Power Saver package!

On top of our usual price promise, we’re offering more opportunities to save on solar in 2024.

This amazing offer will help you take full advantage of the sunny months of extended daylight ahead! 

  • 10 x high power All Black JA Solar Panels
  • 3kW European Fronius Inverter
  • From just $9,995 fully installed (Standard metro Install T&Cs Apply)
  • NO PAYMENTS UPFRONT with 2 years no interest or get a easy green bank loan from Westpac, ANZ, BNZ, ASB or Kiwibank

Contact the Harrisons team today for a free, no-obligation, in-home consultation; learn about our interest-free payment options and other easy finance plans; and take the first step in slashing your power bill and saving the planet!

*1Your projected energy cost is calculated by considering a 3.0% increase in energy cost each year, due to trends in the raising cost of energy. This estimate is based on your selected preferences, current energy costs and the position and orientation of your roof to calculate the efficiency of the system. Projections are based on estimated usage of 7920 kWh per year, assuming AKL - Contact Energy Standard User Electricity Tariff. Your electricity tariff rates may change as a result of installing the system. You should contact your electricity retailer for further information.System Performance Assumptions: System Total losses: 13.9%, Inverter losses: 3.2%, Optimizer losses: 0%, Shading losses: 0%, Performance Adjustment: 0%, Output Calculator: System Advisor Model 2020.02.29.r2. Panel Orientations: 8 panels with Azimuth 7 and Slope 20. Estimates do not include replacement costs of equipment not covered by a warranty. Components may need replacement after their warranty period. Financial discount rate assumed: 6.75% Price excludes Retailer Smart Meter should you want us to install your Smart Meter it will be an additional cost. Please visit for additional disclosures from OpenSolar.Estimated solar generation is calculated by multiplying the number of estimated panels, the wattage of each panel, and the average number of sunshine hours per day. This calculation is based on a $0.30 per kWh electricity rate and is projected over a period of one year and twenty five years

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