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Our local Waikato Solar Expert

Greg Foster

Greg is one of the Business Owners for Harrisons in Waikato

Greg offers the full package – from expert analysis and free, no-obligation, in-home energy audits, to expert installation, warranties he stands by, Flybuys, and a range of payment options – and brings quality brands and products to a wide range of customers with different requirements.

With over 4 years in business in the Waikato Region, Greg has designed and overseen the installation of hundreds of systems throughout the region. With an award winning combination of a great team behind him, experience, integrity and a down-to-earth "can do" attitude, it is no wonder Greg is consistently one of the biggest sellers of solar in New Zealand.

Greg is passionate about solar, and similarly, relentlessly works to give each and every client a powerful solar experience. With the benefit of owning his own full home solar solution complete with Tesla Powerwall battery, Greg is perfectly placed to help each client understand which solar solution is best for them. Greg is proud of the solar community he has helped to grow, and enjoys hearing from his clients regularly enabling him to continually strive for excellence through shared experiences.

Contact Greg and the Harrisons team today for a free, no-obligation, in-home energy audit – ask about our interest-free payment options, and regional council or finance card payment plans – and take the first step to a more energy-efficient future.

Thomas Eddison – "I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait till oil and coal run out before we tackle that".

Typical savings when going Solar

The price of solar panels has reduced significantly in the last ten years. With Harrisons Solar, typical power bill savings are up to 80% per year, and you could even get a credit on your account after selling your excess power back to the grid.

How much does it cost?

There's never been a better time to switch to FREE New Zealand power, made by you!


4 Years Interest-Free

If cost is holding you back from investing in solar, Harrisons can surprise you with the affordability of our systems. Couple this with a range of payment options from Q Mastercard and GEM finance options, and you will see that Solar is an excellent option for most families in this district. Flybuys points are also available.

Harrisons Solar Specials

; Harrisons Solar regularly runs deals for high-quality solar packages, panels and batteries with attractive payment terms through popular finance partners. Don't forget to ask about our Flybuys offers; you can earn with every purchase.


Here’s what the locals had to say...

Steve Judge


Greg advised us on what we needed to build our Solar system for a startoff with 3.5kw of panels. We went straight solar for a startoff for almost a year but I still liked the idea of a battery so I talked to Greg about it and he worked out a system where we would get maximum capacity by over sizing the 5 kw inverter with 6.5kw of panels so as soon as the sun hit the panels they would go to maximum output very quickly. The Solar Edge HD 5 kw inverter allows you to oversize the panels like this. All our panels also have optimisers on each one so each panel performs by itself. It looked good so we did it and added the Powerwall battery and upgraded our Solar system to full capacity of 6.5 Kw to get the most out of the battery. Greg was dead right and it worked like a dream !! The system with the Powerwall battery performs completely different from a straight solar system. Instead of going to the grid when solar is not enough it pulls it from the charge in the battery so we don't hardly touch the grid. During the summer we were basically off-grid with the battery taking the place of the grid with its battery charge. Then we found Contact Energy which gives 3 hours of free power from 9pm to midnight. Well that is just made for a battery system !! Our cycle goes -.> solar during the day runs the house and charges the battery -> solar ends so house is fully on battery -> 9pm free power kicks in, fully runs the house and takes the battery up to full charge by midnight -> house runs fully on battery until sun comes up and solar kicks in then the whole cycle starts again. Any excess solar gets exported to the grid and we get a credit on our electric bill for it. We are saving a fortune on electricity bills and I estimate the system will have paid for itself in 6 years with electricity savings. I even had the power co call me once to say they thought there was something wrong with my meter as we weren't using any electricity :) Calling Greg from Harrisons was the best thing we ever did !!

Glenda Norris-Palmer


With thanks for your amazing service and assistance by the whole team at Harrisons with getting my solar system up and running. I am most grateful.

Sallie Greenwood


We are absolutely thrilled with the performance of the system. I can't speak too highly of the experience from your visit to the house to the final payment. Every step has been so smooth and well informed. Thank you both so much. I'm happy to sing your praises (and have already) to anyone who is considering solar.

Sara Dover


Extremely satisfied with our Harrisons solar install. Julie and Greg were fantastic and answered all our questions, nothing was too much trouble. Their install team were really professional and efficient and did a great job. I honestly can't find fault with anything. Really appreciated the after install visit to make sure we got the most out of our system and knew how to use the app.

David Hulme


Excellent product and support - very knowledgable and easy to deal with. Highly recommend Greg and the whole team.

Angela & Rex Brown


We are very pleased to have chosen Harrison’s Energy Solutions - Waikato to install our farm solar system. The service from start to finish was impressive, professional and personal. The installation team were well organised, clearly as the result of excellent communication from Greg and Julie. The post-installation visit was so important and as a result we have been able to monitor the system performance from day one. Our experience has changed the way we use our appliances and power consumption in general and consequently our monthly power account is a pleasure to receive. GO SOLAR.

Nicholas and Penelope Roberts


Honest, local, professional. Highly recommended.

David and Tina


The system you installed is exceeding our expectations and we are very happy.

Tom and Lailaa


We had Greg Foster install our solar system and it was done with ease and efficiency. However, the best thing has been Greg's after sales support. It's easy to sell something but it's the after sales input that really matters and here is where Greg has been fantastic - always available to answer quires and sorted out the initial teething problems without a fuss.

Bruce Clow


We are happy with the (Ventilation) system, from the day it was installed all our windows including the frames have been dry. The first morning Lesley was looking and saying they were still wet, having a closer look it was the outside that was wet.

It is so quiet we don't hear the fan working, in our old house with a HRV System we could always hear when it was working. While I was not here when it was installed, Lesley said they were very good, saying where they were putting the vents, putting down plastic sheets to catch any debris, all in all very professional.

Marie Rogers


Excellent service from Greg and his team (Denise is a super star), kept me well informed through out the whole process and all really great to deal with. Any questions answered quickly. Very impressed with the system I have received. Thank you very much for the great service and awesome system.

Shane Spring

Te Awamutu

Thanks for the excellent service and we are very happy with our system and will happily recommend you to our friends.

Ameil and Lucy


Thanks we are already enjoying our mositure free home. The mustiness has cleared up from the spare rooms which is amazing. Very impressed. Just hope that the summer kit works as well during the (hopefully) longe summer.



Absolutely toasty as. You & the installation guys have been very professional and done Harrison's Energy Solutions proud. I will recommend TEAM Harrison's to anyone who wants a heat pump. Thank you

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