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Get paid 16c per unit with Harrisons and Trustpower Solar Buy-Back!

Solar energy just got better.

Yes indeed, Harrisons have joined forces with Trustpower to offer solar customers 16c per unit for their exported power + a FREE export meter with a 24-month term (max 500 units per month).

When you look at the average solar buy-back of only 7-8c, we think it’s worth making a song and dance about.

Plus, you get to use Trustpower's “Solar Buddies”, meaning you can sell or share solar with your mates.

What is a solar buy-back?

When you have solar panels you may not use all the electricity you produce. Any extra electricity you generate will be bought by your retailer. Imagine a power company that pays you!

But this great price is only available with Harrisons Solar and Trustpower

It’s easy and it’s affordable:

1)Easy: Call or email Harrisons and we’ll organise for one of our energy experts to visit your home for an assessment.

Usually, it only takes a day to install the panels to your roof, with a 3-4 week timeframe from site visit to installation date.

Read more about the installation process here.

2)Affordable: An energy-efficient home has never been so achievable. Solar growth in popularity has reduced prices considerably over the past 10 years teamed with advancements in technology.

With Harrisons, you pay nothing upfront, interest-free for 3 years and earn Flybuys as well. Furthermore, Kiwibank and Westpac both offer attractive deals for homeowners wanting to add an energy system to their home.

3)You get paid!

For all units you don’t use in your home, they automatically get sent to “the grid” and Trustpower will pay you for them. Imagine a credit on your power bill vs a debit!

Why choose Harrisons?

We don’t stock XYZ brands, we stock the brands you know and can trust. Panasonic and LG panels are backed with 25-year warranties and Tesla and Sonnen solar batteries come with 10-year warranties. You can view and download all product specifications from the website.

Who are Trustpower?

Trustpower is one of New Zealand’s largest electricity generators and electricity retailers. Their electricity generation is 99% renewable, and their customer service team is 100% based in New Zealand. Sustainable and creating jobs for New Zealanders – we like that!

How much will I save?

A 4-bedroom home needs more power than a 2-bedroom home. It’s maths 101. Harrisons Solar looks at how you use power, where you can save, the best location for your solar panels and help you choose an inverter. This is then calculated to give you a realistic saving over 12 months.

For a ballpark figure, go to homes.co.nz, type in your address, click on the image and view your homes’ solar potential.

Start saving now

This deal can only be found at Harrisons Solar so call us now 0800 00 33 54 to book your free, no-obligation appointment with one of our Energy experts. There’s an online form as well.

We’re all over this great country so you’ll be talking to a local about what’s right for your home.

Take a look at our latest solar deals now.

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